Node 2i to ND5XS

Hello everyone, in my naim system composed of NAC122X, Flatcap2, NAP155xs I have introduced a node 2i for 3 months where with which I listen to tidal qbuz spotify and amazon music.
I am very happy with it.
I am however planning to buy a semi new ND5xs at a great price.
do you think it’s worth it? will it be an upgrade?
what do i gain and what do i lose?

You will lose Qobuz and Amazon for definite. I don’t know how good the Node 2i is so can’t comment on SQ. What about an ND5XS2 instead?

yes, ND5xs2 is for sure mutch better but is out of range now. i don’t understand if tidal and the other server is supported or not…

To be honest I would keep the Node 2i and look at a better Dac.


The ND5XS only supports Tidal and Spotify streaming services. Local files via a UPnP NAS are fine too.

How cheap is the ND5? If the 2i has a digital out then a Naim DAC would be a big jump in performance.

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I agree with the last two posts. An nDac would be make the 2i sound great, and they’re very affordable.

what kind of dac?

I could make an exchange + balance with a nap150x

what kind of dac you suggest?

A Naim one.

a nDAC is about 1.200/1.300 euros whereas a ND5 XS2 is about 2.000 euros, both pre owned, of course.
if you sell the Node 2i for about 400 euros you can go directly to ND5 XS2 (considering also to save 100 euros for digital cable).


I don’t think it will be an upgrade. You will lose some functions and it will sound similar. Either add a dac to your 2i, I prefer the sound of the qutest, or sell the 2i and get an nd5 xs2.

I should have replied to osbourne not to david111! :blush:

see my previous post-


Yes Stefano , i understood :grin:

Yes go with the Node and get a DAC. I recommend the Qutest but there are very good inexpensive ones too. You don’t want to lose access to Tidal (or in my case Qobuz).


It’s called the Naim nDac, just google it. The Qutest is also good.

Good suggestions here:

  1. Naim Dac plus Bluesound
  2. Chord Questest plus Bluesound, and
  3. Naim ND5XS2

As a Chord Hugo 2 user myself, I am biased and would go for the Qutest. FWIW, I had a ND5XS in the past. Chord and Naim are a rather good match of detail and urgency, in my view. Listening to Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 3 right now — brilliant! [Never understood why No. 2 is more popular than No. 3…]


I have the node and love it. I don’t think you need the nd5x2sjdghgks

Keep the node. Buy the Okto DAC 8 from Prague. Around 1000

@osbourne . Naim the Dragon’s list is great. You could also check out the TeddyDac, just google it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

Good sound advice. I’d also suggest keeping the Node2i and going with the Naim Ndac. This will help keep that Naim signature sound. The Ndac also has a lot of digital inputs, so can act as a digital hub for many other devices. I use it for my Sky box and DVD sound. I’m still shocked at how good my Node 2i, Ndac and switch sound into my system.

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