Node 2i to ND5XS

Lot to be said for the node 2i and bluos functionality, I tend to agree keep it, if you need to scratch an itch try an external dac on it and report back

Another vote for the Qutest. Added it to the Node 2 and it was a very solid source combination. As the Qutest allows the line out voltage to be set at 3 levels, also gave me back some meaningful volume control on the 282. I am one of those people that worries about the linearity of amplifier output when they are just off the zero stop.

Just a quick one, I use BubbleUPnP on my Android phone to get Tidal on a UnitiQute 1. It should also support Qobuz, but doesn’t look like Amazon. Anyway, that might be an acceptable way to make the ND5XS work in your system. Might be you don’t need, or couldn’t use all the features/inputs of an nDAC. Or wanted a 1 box solution.

Bizarre I know, but I demoed the Qutest with my Node 2 (now gone) and couldn’t hear any difference. The Qutest went into my 282/300 system.

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