Noise - and its not nextdoor!

Hi - Just joined today - having unboxed and fired up my ancient but loved system after >18m boxed and ignored following a house move…

Anyway - hooked up and warmed up over night - and knowing it will improve over the coming days - ventured to play some of the newly purchased vinyl on the equally antique LP12.

NOISE!! crackle and hiss ( not from the disc) but from the phono setting on the 52!
Pulled the tonearm cable connections and it was less bad but still present.
Not constant - but intermittent - every few seconds - and not of regular duration.
Set to mute and still present but less so.

Where do I start to look?

System being :
52 + SuperCap
Snaxo2-4 + Supercap
2 x 250s

Thanks much

Unplug the system. Open up the NAC52 carefully - ensuring that you don’t damage the fascia panel which can get brittle with age. Then carefully check that the phono boards are properly seated. I would undo them then re-seat them. Check any other daughter boards for the same thing.

Then move on to unplugging and replugging all the connections between Supercap to Supercap to SNAXO, and then to the 250s. If the problem persists, do you have any extra SNAICs or DIN-XLRs to make substitutions, just to see if it’s a cable issue?

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Hi Richard
Thank you for your reply- I was contemplating pulling cables and seeing if it was just a simple interconnect.

on the subject of daughter-boards - is the phono setting likely to be ’ noisy’ or have hiss - just because of its sensitivity for phono use?
I was anxious it might also be a tone arm cable issue… The LP12 had a service / rebuild and new cartridge just before it was decommissioned - so I’m pretty hopeful that’s not adding to my noises

I’ll pull parts open - with care and an allen key - and report pack.

Ok / so I had the 52 off and in the process of being gently pulled apart and sitting on the floor in front of the system, executing this task - the hiss from the speakers - with no front end , ie just the Snaxo & 250’s connected was more than a little invasive.
I was not sure about this - I can’t imagine a system with no input should offer a default hiss that’s more than just ‘slightly more audible?

Is it time to box the lot up and ship to the wizards at Naim ?

Thanks for all advice here- a bit deflated as I was hoping to get to spin a few black flat discs with out added heart ache and irritation on the way!

The daughter boards were hanging loose!
Tightened up the pin connectors and set back on -
That noise /. Vibration sensitivity has all gone.
Thank you :pray:t3:

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I would have turned off the 250’s before disconnecting the pre-amp!

Glad it all worked out.

Obviously :roll_eyes:
I’m learning

Glad to hear that did the trick.

Sometimes such learning is accompanied by VERY LOUD and tortured sounds from the speakers. It seems fortunate you avoided that :slight_smile:

I don’t disconnect ANYTHING without shutting it all down now-a-days. And the power supplies for the amps have some pretty decent energy retention properties; it takes a few minutes for it to dissipate after the power is shut off!

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