Noise floor supernait 3

anyone knows how to reduce noise floor ?

the sn3 sounds superb - but paired with my klipsch I think the noise floor it is a bit to strong

any idea what to do?

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I suspect the Klipsch speakers, being very sensitive, will make any noise very noticeable.
I’m not sure that you will be able to eliminate the problem, but is your system on a decent rack with some space between the boxes, and cables carefully dressed to keep sensitive signal cables clear of mains leads etc?

Owning a Naim system with 86db speakers and a second main system with 98db speakers, I can say, I’d never pair something like that with a Naim amp.

For the Klipsch, I’d have been thinking of a 10w tube amp or something. I imagine on a Naim amp there’s a fair bit of audible hiss even from the listening chair.

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I think this is something to try - thanks

Ithe naim is on top of the klipsch today
I did a test with the nap250 - this was by far better

will relocate the sn - lets see if this helps

I have to say the sound is just perfect with the sn3 except the noise.
I think on long term the noise will be an issue

Can you post a picture of your set up

it`s a prototype desk

but the idea was to place the Supernait on top of the Cornwalls

For a minute I thought it was Fraim 2 - I had to look closely. :thinking:

Amps on top of speakers and lamps on amps :roll_eyes:


Stacking your gear correctly (if there is a correct) may help. Certainly worth a try. Your speakers will certainly impart unwanted vibration into the electronics. How is the cable dressing?

Yes. You certainly need to reposition your amps. They should not be on the speakers or stacked on top of each other.

You have sufficient space to install a dedicated Hi-Fi rack in that space. Also, can you move the speakers further apart ?

of course I exoected your feedback like this :crazy_face:

I have to say at least the lamp isn‘t placed on top anymore :pray:

the cables are all naim

keep you updated - hope tonight I have time to try

Hello friend.
First of all you have to move the speakers away from your rack especially the turntables,at least 1.5 meters.
Also you have to isolate the turntables.
I firstly used a marble plinth 3cm under the tt and three rubber feet under the plinth & got great results.
Then I removed the plinth & put the Isonoe feet as well with the isonoe boots in the tt.
From my experience the best way is to put the Isonoe feet for Technics turntables & the Isonoe boots as well.
Believe me you will be blown away from the results.

hi Vaggoz

I can`t move them away 1.5m

but I disconnected the dj set up for a test to see if the mixer or turntable causes the noise.
there was no difference.
only a streamer was connected - same noice floor was the result.
so I think the turntable is not the root cause.

but anyway I am thinking of buying the isonoe feets.

just to make this clear - the noise is not loud - it`s a bit in the background. Only noticeable if I play low jazz solo Riffs.

A little bit of his is acceptable if you stand 10-30cm of the speaker.
If your listening position is 2-3m away & you still listen the hiss,in normal (let’s say 9 o 'clock) volumes,then you should check this out.
Before buying the S-600’s I had the Cerwin Vega xls15 speakers rated at 93.2db.
Still haven’t got any hiss issues.
Imo the SN3 is very quiet,especially compared to my ex hybrid amplifier.

Can the OP sanity check the assumptions here and actually define what they mean by “noise floor” in this case? I’m not convinced everyone here is on the same page - myself included.

noticeable like a
so lika a typical noice sound
the noice has no body at all
onky on the tweeter

Brilliant. That’s really useful.

Sadly, none of the tweaks mentioned are really going to have a serious impact on that. Naim amps do in fact hiss a bit. It’s not noise floor so much (it doesn’t affect how micro details replay), but it is always there. However, this hiss is normally only noticeable with your ears within 50cm or so of the speakers, not the main listening position.

So unless it is earthing induced, attention to cabling and signal grounding probably won’t buy you much. It is far more noticeable on speakers with sensitivity higher than 90db and the Klipsch are way over that.

A good test to prove this would be if you have another pair of speakers with a lower sensitivity (any old pair will do). Chances are if you connect them up, you still hear the hiss but it is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, all the suggestions above are brilliant advice for general care of system setup.

changed cable
improved :slight_smile:

sounds really better - suprised me
use chord clearway cable now

what a difference

ok - now lets give my ears a bit time

I forgot to mentione the Dynafox Net filter
wow - I am very happy

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I would suggest putting the Supernait 3 on the floor between the speakers with the wooden blocks either side Supporting a sturdy shelf, then putting your DJ trestle on top. Could be less prone to an accident and keep the noise floor down.
Looks a cool room to hang out in

I’ve not heard Klipsch speakers (not that common in U.K., I think) but I’m not surprised that pairing a SuperNait with speakers of 99dB sensitivity leads to problems with hiss. I would expect it might make volume control tricky, as well.

OTOH Steve Huff, in his rave review of the Atom, pairs it with Heresy IVs and goes into ecstasies over the resulting SQ. He does mention hiss as a minor issue and younger ears may be more affected. But if the OP can tame the hiss a bit or learn to live with it the results might be well worthwhile.


I got myself a Powerquest2 for a Uniti Star. Noticable difference for a modest investment.