Noise on the phone stage of my 82

I have a faint ticking sound with a 2 second burst of what sounds like white noise every 3 to 5 seconds……sort of sounds like something is charging up.
It’s only happens on the phono stage to the 82 but initially heard it through the headphones and then also through the speakers.
I’ve switched off the power supplies to both CDX and LP12 but it’s still there.
Anybody any ideas and does it spell impending doom for anything. :thinking::flushed:

Do you use powerline type network adapters? I found they are OK at line level, but they introduce noise on the phono input.

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No…nothing fancy like that…:blush:

Which Phono Boards are we discussing here…?

N, E, S or K…?

And what Cartridge…?

@IanRobertM the s boards and a DV 20x2

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O-okay… Sort of what I expected. 523 S or K boards, I think are much more likely to show this sort of problem, due to their high gain. Your noise is likely something external. You could try switching a few things off - to see if it stops it.

Assume your DV20X is the Low Output version…??

Yes it is

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OK, thats definitely the right boards, for the DV20XL, low output MC.

I use 523 E boards (in my 82), with my DV10X - which is a high output MC.

Has this just started happening? Are the phono cards newly fitted?

@Richard.Dane Hi Richard…no they have been in for some time now but I have only just noticed it.
I only noticed then through the headphones initially as rarely listen to vinyl on them and so tried through the speakers and can hear it as well although the volume is well up.

I had something similar a while back. Turned out my 72/140 was picking up noise from a usb outlet in the 13A socket and a local wireless access point. Mainly the WAP as it turned out.

Yep. Worth having a look around the room for devices such as cordless phones, routers etc.

Does the noise go if you disconnect the arm cable from the 82 ?

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Good question…don’t know. Will give it a go.
If it goes away what would that mean?

If it goes away then it would mostly rule out an internal issue with the 82. From what you say it sounds externally generated but give it a go.

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Just tried the disconnect on the LP12…the sound is still there…so would it associate with the MC boards?

The tants could be failing on the phono boards, if they are blue ones then they are quite old.
If you are UK based you could post them to Darran @ Class A who can diagnose and fix as necessary. It could be a cheap fix…


Darran serviced the 82 in 2020……I’d have thought they would have been replaced then?

They should be fine then, I’d still speak to Darran though and ask his advice. You really want to get to the bottom of this and unless you can check your 82 at somebody else’s house.

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I did have a similar issue with noise after i fitted a pair of 323E cards to my nac72.
Turned out the noise was from a combination of USB outlet in the socket i was using and a wifi access point plugged into another socket within the same room.
Keep me puzzeled, and some forum members for a few weeks.
The offending items were removed, and all was well. Even more odd, was that it was only on one channel.


Well I did fit some S cards to the 82 when the cartridge was changed to the DV….