Noisy drive on Naim CD5i

I bought a used Naim Cd5i some time ago. Sine then I moved from the UK to Spain.

Some time after the CD drive died and the dealer that sold it to me was kind enough to replace the CD drive under warranty.

However, the new CD drive does make a noise while the CD spins. It sounds like the CD scrapes against something. A pulsating noise. Depending on the CD it can be more or less, but always some.

The repair man had the CD Player for 3 month to test and source a new data cable for it. So he should have heard something if there was an issue.

Just wondering if the CD puck/clamp may be at fault or if there is another issue.

I mostly listen to vinyl, and if I listen to CD I do mostly by headphones so I don’t hear the noise.

Howerever I would like to clear this issue up since I really like the sound of the CD Player and I would like to keep and use it for many more years to come.

Is there any fine dust residue or scrape marks on the black shroud that covers the mechanism? If so, it could well be scraping in the disc and could indicate that the shroud is incorrectly fitted (it’s very difficult to get it exactly right).

Took a closer look at the transport and it seems that the sleigh the laser transport is on is higher toward the outer edge close to the door wall then in the center where the Spindel is. Is there any way to adjust this?

This sounds like it could be a misaligned shroud, or maybe tried to reuse the old one? Did the dealer get the mech from Naim? Or did they get it 3rd party and try to reuse the old shroud from the previous mech. Always best to get the Mech from Naim with the shroud pre-fitted. If the repair is warranted by the dealer then best talk to them so they can take a look and rectify if necessary.

Hi Richard.

The dealer had me sent the CD player directly to the repair shop, so they probably never seen it.

I believe the mechanic put a new CD drive in. He seems to be pretty particlate about his work. He kept my CD player way over 3 month so he could source a new data cable going from the CD drive to the pcb board, since it had a kink in it.

Really do not want to send the CD player again internationally for repair. Last time I was over 4 month without CD Player, 100 euros in shipping and a lost remote control.

The CD drive could have become misaligned during shipping.

I am pretty hand and do a lot of diy stuff, so I am hopping I can make the adjustment myself if someone can direct me into the correct direction.

Definitely not a DIY job (and DIY also outside for forum AUP). If warranted by dealer ask them to remedy,

Thanks Richard.

Warranty is long gone.

That’s a shame. It’s one for a Naim servicer, distributor, or Naim themselves.

Took a closer look at it. If I handspinn, give the CD a push with no Puck, it’s all quiet.

If I add the Puck I get the scraping noise, which makes me think that there must be an issue with the Puck.

Doubt it’s the puck, but to eliminate, get a spare and give it a go. If it still scrapes, you know it’s the shroud. Spare puck is always good to have on hand anyway.

New Puck arrived. Still same issue.

Wonder if there are some repair shops in Spain.

You should contact your local Naim distributor.

Hmmmm. Local Naim dealer. Bought mine Naim in Scotland. There may be a Naim dealer in Madrid.

Doesn’t Naim have a least of all the authoriced repair shops World wide?

Naim may be manufacturer, but AFAIK they are not the distributor for Spain. The distributor (for Spain) should know what you should do in order to get the unit properly repaired.

According to the Naim website, for Sales, Service and Support you should contact here:[distance]=50&field_geofield_distance[unit]=3959&field_geofield_distance[origin]=&field_retailer_product_range_tid=All

Ahhh. Finally I am able to listen to CDs without this awful scrapping noise.

Took the CD drive apart and was able to eliminate the scraping issue.

However, I am very disappointed with the clamp. Both of them are off center. Cheap China sh*t would have been better. Would expect better from a CD player in this price range.

The clamp should self centre when the CD spins up. Otherwise it should be as light in weight as possible in order to add no extra inertia to the disc.

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