Noisy nap300 fan?

My (new) nap300 went through a decent heat cycle yesterday (10 to 10 on the heat knob), despite my ringing ears it’s fan was easily audible… the Naim blurb says the variable speed fan is virtually silent, inferring it should be silent at all speeds- is mine faulty?

Never heard the fan on my 300DR sitting in a Naim rack and I sit rather close to my system in a pretty small room and I’m super sensitive to noise other than music coming from my speakers.

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Not sure I quite understand your description of what’s happening here!

Possible contributing factors might include:
High ambient temperature in the room
Not enough open space around the boxes to allow ventilation - a proper rack with a separate shelf for each box, open front and rear to allow air circulation is normally enough.
Out of spec speaker cables in terms of capacitance, inductance, length.
Extended listening at high volumes.

If you think you are not overstepping the mark in terms of the above you should probably discuss this with your dealer or Naim support.

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What are your speakers cables ?

I’ve looked all over my 300DR and I still can’t find the heat knob!

Should I contact my dealer - it obviously wasn’t fitted?!! For that much money, I want it!

(Can’t hear the fan either)


:slight_smile: – me too

Never heard the fan on mine, actually the amp barely gets warm.

Nac a5

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Than KBs for input… Speaker cables naim nac a5 & both prescribed min 3.5m, stack is open front n back with ample air, the nap300 is supposed to be designed for stability to allow listening at high volumes for extended periods, the heat of the amp isn’t the issue, it’s the noise the fan is making- it is supposed to be virtually silent

And yours is not - I think you already have the answer. I would recommend talking to your dealer.

FWIW, I can make my 300 quite warm if I push it, but I don’t know if the fan ever turned on and certainly never heard it.

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Had mine 9 months, never heard it either.

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Perhaps we are not working our amps hard enough, ‘Pardon?’ :0)

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Maybe, but I want to stay friendly with the neighbours!!

And my neighbour never seems to go out, these days, sigh…but, I live in hopes as her health improves (far more important than my temporary volume limiting).

Never heard the fan in my 300DR, so maybe check with your dealer?

My dealer says he can hear his nap500 amp’s fan when it is playing loud and is telling me the noise is normal- I just can’t believe naim would build in noisy cooling

I have spoken to Naim, they say that the fans in the amp should be inaudible at a distance of four feet and suspect mine has a faulty motor in one of the fans, they are organising a replacement and will be testing mine.


That sounds like complete rubbish to me. The amp would need to be playing at very low volume to have any chance of hearing the fan, and at low volume the fan shouldn’t be on unless there is a problem.


What are you saying is complete rubbish? Naim concur that there is an issue and my fan is noisy- both are factually correct…?

He replied to your post about what your dealer was saying

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