Noisy speakers when SN3 is turned on

So, you get a loud buzzing through the speakers through any input you select even with no sources whatsoever connected to the Supernait, yes?

If there is a loud buzzing with nothing connected, could something else be introducing the noise?
Maybe an energy saving lightbulb, cordless telephone base station, wi-fi router, TV or another device nearby?

Hi Richard,
well, if no source is connected an volume is at 12 o‘clock you can hear the buzz (more signal like) on all channels (it’s not loud) and it starts to get heared at a third of volume but always louder on the phono channel of course.

If you put the volume up top you hear it quite prominent and on phono it even sounds like a mixture of a signal incl strong „wind“.

OK thanks. That may well be normal as there’s no source connected, in particular no earthed source with signal earth connected as you would normally have in a Naim system.

I’m guessing you don’t have a Naim source handy that you could connect up via DIN interconnect just to test?

I had buzzing some years a go when I changed my amp. Changing all my interconnects to shielded ones solved the problem.

Look at this Massive sudden hum - frightening! - #15 by james_n

Are you certain that the mains plug is wired correctly, with positive and negative connected to the right pins, and the earth wire connected to the earth pin?

The OP is in Austria HH.

Those work but they will definitely hurt dynamics since they are on the line signal, it’s best to avoid them wherever possible and fix it at the source of the problem.

(i’ve used one in an office building where i couldn’t fix the electricity, it definitely reduced the low hum but also removed some of the treble/sparkle in the process)

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Hi David,
sorry but don‘t get the short cuts. :thinking:

@hungry halibut

Thanks but I didn‘t checked this but asked my seller who gave me the connection and promised that it is working and I could again test ist in his house where everything was running noisefree.

Thank you! Luke

Thanks collywobbles,
that’s what I will do anyway. I WILL get rid of noise I don’t want to hear. :wink:

Dear conlegno,
well things have changed now.

I have just carried the sn3 and one speaker to another room and - there is almost no noise except the phono channel is noisy which probably is just normal even still no devices connected.

Still strange because my former Amplifier Denon DRA 700AE didn‘t have this issue at all.

Next is to now try it with devices being connected. I am afraid the noise would come back again and moves to the next room. :wink:

I asked about the advice of @Blythe . Personally I have no experience with such items.

No - nothing of that around.

Thank you for your question!!

BR Luke

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Yes, he said in the opening post. Austria uses the Type F Schuko plug, which has two pins and an earth, which needs to be connected.

Can you open the mains plug to check it’s wired properly?

Well, as I wrote another room another Plug and almost no noise if no device connected.

Now I tried to connect the AirPort Express - noise is back again. Unplugged again.

Next try with the CD player - noise is back again to.

Maybe stupid question but is it possible that the SN3 is much more sensible for cables used for connecting devices with it? Why I didn‘t have all this problems with my former Denon Amplifier then?

I thing I need to go back to plain consumer amplifiers like denon, Sony etc. :wink:

Confirmed! :+1:t2:

The reason you had no problem with Denon is that it uses a different earth arrangement.
Anything you connect to the Naim amp MUST be earthed. Your CD player likely uses a 2-core mains lead with no earth.
In reference to the earth loop isolation devices, any additional connection is likely to degrade the sound to some degree.
I’ll say again, if you can run a piece of wire from the metal case of your CD player to a known earth point, that should eliminate the hum.

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