Noisy speakers when SN3 is turned on

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sorry but don‘t get the short cuts. :thinking:

@hungry halibut

Thanks but I didn‘t checked this but asked my seller who gave me the connection and promised that it is working and I could again test ist in his house where everything was running noisefree.

Thank you! Luke

Thanks collywobbles,
that’s what I will do anyway. I WILL get rid of noise I don’t want to hear. :wink:

Dear conlegno,
well things have changed now.

I have just carried the sn3 and one speaker to another room and - there is almost no noise except the phono channel is noisy which probably is just normal even still no devices connected.

Still strange because my former Amplifier Denon DRA 700AE didn‘t have this issue at all.

Next is to now try it with devices being connected. I am afraid the noise would come back again and moves to the next room. :wink:

I asked about the advice of @Blythe . Personally I have no experience with such items.

No - nothing of that around.

Thank you for your question!!

BR Luke

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Yes, he said in the opening post. Austria uses the Type F Schuko plug, which has two pins and an earth, which needs to be connected.

Can you open the mains plug to check it’s wired properly?

Well, as I wrote another room another Plug and almost no noise if no device connected.

Now I tried to connect the AirPort Express - noise is back again. Unplugged again.

Next try with the CD player - noise is back again to.

Maybe stupid question but is it possible that the SN3 is much more sensible for cables used for connecting devices with it? Why I didn‘t have all this problems with my former Denon Amplifier then?

I thing I need to go back to plain consumer amplifiers like denon, Sony etc. :wink:

Confirmed! :+1:t2:

The reason you had no problem with Denon is that it uses a different earth arrangement.
Anything you connect to the Naim amp MUST be earthed. Your CD player likely uses a 2-core mains lead with no earth.
In reference to the earth loop isolation devices, any additional connection is likely to degrade the sound to some degree.
I’ll say again, if you can run a piece of wire from the metal case of your CD player to a known earth point, that should eliminate the hum.

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It’s worth adding to what Blythe wrote above - everything must be earthed in some way. We are talking about the signal ground here. If you take my system, which has a Supernait 3. The streaming source is a Naim NDX, which provides the signal ground. The tuner has a floating earth, so that’s fine. I then have a Rega, which has no issues.

It’s worth looking at what sources you ultimately use as neither the Yamaha not the AR are up to the standard of the excellent SN3. In the meantime, running a little wire from the Yamaha’s case to the earth connection in a mains plug should sort the hum. As to the AE I don’t know. With the Yamaha earthed the AE may be fine.

Well guys it seems to be fixed.
It’s all about earthing all devices which only have 2 pole plugs (slim ones) - no worries with the one which have the round big 3 pole plugs.

WTF - Never experienced this issue in my live before - already 45 years but still learning a lot and are happy that my SN3 is not the reason.

There is only one no two questions left.

  • How do I Earth the old Airport Eypress (see picture)?

  • What to do because in the room where the SN3 was supposed to play it is noisy even without having any device connected - any idea?

Thank you all for your support, inputs, ideas etc. - great to have you here!

Best regards from Vienna,


Try putting the SN in the room it’s supposed to be in, but plugging it in to the same socket it’s plugged into at the moment - you’ll need a long extension lead to do this.

If it hums, the problem is from something in the vicinity interfering with it.

If it doesn’t hum, the problem will probably be to do with the earthing in the wall sockets in the room you want to use. If there is an earth problem it may be unsafe and you should get an electrician to check the circuit. I hope that makes sense!!

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Thank you - that definitely makes sense!

I will check - by now I am happy that my SN is healthy so far. :wink:

But how earthing the AirPort Express or is there a good alternative running with apple?

BR Wolfgang

Your best bet with the AE is to use it with a DAC. That way it will be isolated and you’ll also get much better sound as the onboard DAC in the AE is pretty basic and not that great. Your Supernait deserves a decent DAC. You’ll be able to use with other things too, such as your CD player perhaps.

Failing that, use a ground loop isolator…


I have had one of these items for some years now. Have pulled it out twice only for the hum to reoccur within a day or two. I can say that I have never been able to detect even the slightest impact on dynamics or indeed any other aspect of the sound.

The problem with these devices is that using them means that the (audible, thus severe) ground noise is already in your line audio signal. This noise wil usually comprise a 50/60hz ground signal and it’s harmonics.

The ground loop isolator then does some some heavy galvanic filtering to remove it, but that obviously comes at a cost. It’s impossible to remove a substantial amount of noise from an analog signal without also removing actual audio frequencies, since the two signals are intertwined. So it’s not possible to end up with a pristine signal as if the noise was never there.

The only real solution is to avoid noise from entering the audio signal in the first place, instead of trying to filter it out after the fact…

The ONE time you wrote “my ears detected” and then it’s not right either :joy:

It’s a curse, it must be :innocent:

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