Noisy transformer

So, the transformer in my cd5si is noisy. Yep, with the system not playing music it is easily heard from my regular listening position. In fact it’s the loudest in my system, far louder that that in my upgraded MF a300cr power amp.
It is connected to the same socket as my ND5XS2 which is inaudible.
So, is this standard or have I got a noisy transformer that needs to go back to my dealer. It’s that noisy that I have to turn of the cd player rather than leaving it on all the time. I only have two Naim products, so don’t know if this is unusuall or not.

Hi Roberto

How long have you had it, is it a new problem or just recently started?
If you turn off everything in the house except the CD5Si see if it stops.

If it does it is likely something else is polluting the supply.
If not then it sounds like a the transformer yes.


It’s been noisy from day 1. It’s consistently noisy too. But I thought it was just a Naim thing. But my ND5XS2 is silent. Once the shops open again, I’ll call my dealer.

I recently had a mid 2006 year 555ps serviced which had a slight hum when very close.

On test the transformer was out of spec. Naim kindly changed the transformer with no extra charge.

Incredible customer service imho that will not be forgotten anytime soon👍

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I know that transformers can hum, it’s just this is much louder than the one on my nd5 xs2. To the point it is audible from my seat.

Unfortunately it’s a Naim thing. I have 4 power supplies and they have been humming. I have reduced it radically by careful placement of boxes and good cable dressing. You could always try a DC blocker.

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