Noisy volume adjustment

Bit of a wierd one this.

Connected the tv to the NDX2 via optical.
Everything works fine except:

When I use the remote to adjust the volume of the 252 there is a noise through the speakers like the dial motor. When I use the dial by hand it’s perfectly quiet. Obviously something wrong so I disconnected the optical cable but the remote adjustment noise remains.

It sounds like a grinding noise but it’s electrical through the speakers

Could I have knocked a cable or burndy or has something broken in the 252? (It’s 10 years old).

Any advice greatly appreciated

Motor noise breakthrough is unusual but possible, I guess. Perhaps @NeilS might know what’s at play here.

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What position do you have the signal ground switch set to on the NDX2 ?

It’s a good question, however it wouldn’t explain why it was fine before, but now noisy.

I guess you could check you didn’t accidentally move the switch when you connected the optical cable. Otherwise, power down and go through disconnecting and reconnecting all the cables. Then power up and try again.


Well that was my thinking about the switch being knocked. The phono stage has a ground lift switch too so you could end with a floating system and possible noise breakthrough in the manner described. It does sound like something’s been disturbed though so hopefully a check of cabling and power cycling will fix it.

Checked switch and it was not knocked.
Turned off, disconnected all leads then reattached and turned on

There’s a sound from the speakers when the remote volume dial starts and stops moving. There is motor noise still but now only static from speakers when the volume dial starts and stops moving.

When moving the dial by hand there’s a lovely smooth movement with no noise from the dial or speakers…

Out of interest what position do you have the ground switches set to on the phono stage and NDX2 ?

Signal ground is default, as it was before adding the optical cable. I must have knocked a burndy or blown something in the pre somehow

Ok just confirming. At least all seems to be working normally apart from the noise when you operate the volume control. Neil should be able to offer some advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually one more thing, maybe nothing, but are you using the system automation connection between the NDX2 and 252 or just controlling the volume with the conventional remote ?

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Mmm… bit of a puzzle this one, my initial thought was the ground switch on the NDX2.
The motor noise is usually detectable, but you need your ear very close to the speaker to hear it.
A broken earth connection in the Burndy cable might explain it if the 252 still makes the noise with no sources connected?



Thanks Neil
I disconnected both inputs into the 252. Turned power back on and it was still there.

I will take the burndy to work and ask an electrician to test the wires and earth with a continuity tester


Ok, good plan.

Note that the earths are carried on the gold pins (along with power & signal), not the metal lock rings.
I’d get him to check the Snaic5 too just for good measure. Again, there should be no continuity between the outer metal of the plugs & anything else.


burndy all good with no shorts.

Suppose it must be either 252 or supercap

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