Non-Naim Power Amp for SN2

Hi, does anyone have any positive thoughts on adding non-naim power amp to a SN2 ? Thanks !

I suppose the question back to you is what amp are you thinking of and why ?

Clearly it can be done. Many will ask “what’s wrong with a Naim amp”. And what is it you want from the power amp.
I did not have Naim pre or power or so integrated amps. Why, because I have always used musical fidelity. And to be fair have been happy. Their power amps all have the same gain, thus you can use any of their powers with each other or the integrated amps. That may be true if every manufacturer though.
Depending on how efficient or not your speakers are will help guide you towards a power amp. You may even fancy a valve/ tube type.

There’s no reason a non-Naim power amp wouldn’t work with any Naim preamp. It might make sense as an interim measure if you have upgrade plans beyond that, but I can’t imagine you would otherwise choose a Supernait as a preamp.

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