Non Naim tuners

I always wanted a Nytech 252.

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I’ve had in no particular order:
Nakamichi ST7,
Magnum Dynalab 101
Fanfare FT101
Sony ES something


Still have my MD102T but it is badly in need of some TLC

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Roksan Caspian from about 12-13 years ago or so. Got it in a sale for £500 IIRC (list was circa £800 at the time - so an upmarket product).

I only really listen to Radio 3 on it but it has a lovely full rich sound that betters the 331 digital steam considerably. A tiny bit of background hiss rather than digital ‘silence’ to put up with of course - but you cannot hear it at normal listening levels. I’ve tried FM vs Digital back to back comparisons many times and the Roksan comes out tops every time.

Got a green display as well - very important!

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Over the last 25 years or so I’ve had the following:

NAD 402
Quad FM4
Revox B160
Cyrus 7, 7.5 and FM-X
Naim NAT 03
Naim NAT05XS

All have been very good - the Naim ones in particular - but if not one of those an FM4 would make a sound choice as not only is it a delight to use but (I believe) unlike the Cyrus units it can also still be serviced by the factory - which is a shame - the FM-X in particular is superb.

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I used to have a Technics ST-610L in my Naim system. Now is a part of a very basic vintage system in another apartment.
But I have in my place a nice looking Pioneer TX-7800 with a relevant SA-7800 integrated amp.


Have a Quad FM3, sadly unused for the last 20 years due to the lack of an ariel & the ability to mount one.

Got my Dad a Cyrus FM7 a couple of years ago, which I understand is used regularly.

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There is something about 1970/80s Japanese equipment that is so desirable …


Yes, there is. I have developed a strong attraction to these vintage HiFi bits the last few years.

I love the look of those Pioneers - especially the CT-F900.

I still have a bit of a hankering for a nice Pioneer CT-F1250…

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I’ve always lusted over that Technics power amp with the huge analogue meters on the front panel. Don’t mind what it sounds like, just watch the meter needles. :star_struck:

Now if someone would just shoehorn the electronics from a 250 into that case… :grin: :laughing:

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Had a Rotel 850 which was excellent (AM as well). Then an Arcam T31. Now a NAT 05 which is superb.

Oh yes! I still have the original double page ad somewhere.

The SE-A1 and SU-A2 from 1977…

Apologies - we are somewhat digressing off topic, although the matching tuner to these Technics is also rather good; the ST-9038;

I have one that was rescued from a pirate radio station - a bit beaten up in places, but still working well.


Ha. I once tried to build an equivalent of that memory processor unit using a bit of breadboard, a handful of ICs etc and a NAD tuner, soldering a length of ribbon cable onto the back of the switch panel to mimic pressing the relevant presets. I’d love to say how great it was but it never did work. To date it, iirc it was to record the Legal Eagle (Andrew Phillips) on Jimmy Young’s R2 show on a Friday and then to capture Feedback on R4 a while later, on a twin tape deck that could record in sequence on all 4 sides of 2 x C90s.

Still have my Onix BWD1, sadly sitting unused for many years.



Here is mine :blush:


This combo is a real beauty! And quite powerful for its time.

It looks like this is morphing into the Non-Naim, Non-Tuners thread. Let’s see some more tuners, please.

To help get back on thread, this is one I always admired, the Armstrong 624 FM tuner. I nearly bought one to fill the gap while my NAT01 was away being serviced. In the end I chose a Quad FM4, which I subsequently sold at a small profit.


Here’s another Technics that I love - the slimline ST-8077K. It’s lovely to look at and to use too, and sounds surprisingly good.