Non-Naim wireless speaker to multiroom with Muso 2nd gen?

I want to create a multi room set up with my mu-so 2nd gen, but the space I want multi room sound in is far too small to justify the price of a Qb or other Naim device. Can I use a cheaper non-Naim wireless speaker? Any key specs that such a speaker would require?

I think that might depend on how you are playing music on them. For example, if you are using Airplay from an Apple device, and the second device has Airplay, then you could multiroom using Airplay. But if using the Naim app, I don’t think it would be possible with a non-Naim device.

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Chromecast supports groups, so any Chromecast enabled device.
The Cambridge Audio YoYo L is very similar functionality wise to a Qb, so worth a look at. I heard the M (no Chromecast), and that impressed me, so assume the L should be at least as good.

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However, what you can’t do is use the Naim app with a second speaker that isn’t a Naim one. So if for example you have a usb drive full of flac files attached to the muso, this cannot be shared with a second speaker.

Thanks Mike!

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Thanks that’s helpful advice!

Gotcha, thanks Robert!

As an aside, I got three really helpful replies in less than half an hour, which must say something good about Naim users!


Can you do it with the Logitech/Lyrion Media Server using the ChromeCast plug-in? iPeng as a controller (or a browser)?

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Sounds like that would be at or beyond the bounds of my limited competency, but I’ll certainly look into it! Thank you! Much appreciated.

I’m hoping someone here will confirm this would work, but it should.

The Logitech/Lyrion Media Server (LMS) is a free media server. It’s open source, and a lot of folks have developed plug-ins to enhance its capabilities - such as talking to ChromeCast devices. I’ve been using it for more than 5 years with ChromeCast devices. I don’t do multi-room, but I know that’s a feature. See attached image. Three of those are Naim devices

LMS also has plug-ins to give you access to a number of streaming services.

Edit - this may only be necessary if you have a library of music on your hard drive. Otherwise @n-lot offers a simpler solution.

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