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There are some fancy guarantees from Naim for UK customers with up to a five year warranty, what about us outside the UK?

The thing is, my CD5si’s laser is about to give up (according to my dealer; player skipping/stop playing) less than 2 years after leaving the Naim factory (2019).

My dealer has given me a price proposal of £450 (incl. shipping back and forth to Salisbury) to have it replaced by Naim, somewhat less but still pricey from a domestic service center. I didn’t expect to have it serviced so soon and at a cost of a third of the retail price.

Just asking for a little advice / facts here before battling my dealer regarding warranties.

If the unit is under 2 years it should still be under warranty. In Germany some dealers are able to give the customer 5 years of extended service, but this depends where you are located. I think that a cd player which fails after such a short amount of time should be serviced for free.

The warranty contract is made between you (original owner) and the dealer, however the terms (outside the UK) are usually set by the distributor. In many countries, particularly in Europe, at least 2 years warranty is usually pretty standard (and AFAIK Naim underwrite warranties outside the UK for the first 2 years), so i would speak to your distributor for clarification.

Thanks for a quick reply, @Richard.Dane. I’ll give them a call tomorrow.
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Only caveat to the above would be if you bought the player secondhand. Either way, you should get clarification from your distributor.

The location? The German 5-year warranty is by 1. buying the unit through an authorized dealer and 2. registering the unit with MusicLine (German distributor, for those who are not aware). So as long as you buy through an authorized dealer, it should apply*. Of course some locations may have none (are there unauthorized dealers at all?)

Edit: I guess I misunderstood and you meant located as in country? In this case, of course, each country’s distributor’s rules apply


I bought it from an authorized dealer in Gothenburg, Sweden, so I reckon that I have at least a 2 year warranty according to an ‘EU consumer rights directive’, apparently.

I just hope I don’t have to enforce it, though, things tend to become a bit grumpy when bringing out the rule book. I know a little more now, thank you, vielen Dank, @Suedkiez!

The Swedish distributor is, they will know

I think the 2 year warranty is EU law. Shouldn’t matter whether you bought second hand or not. Anything above that would depend on the terms.

A two-year warranty is the norm in the EU.

Thanks again, I was just about to google it! :grinning:

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The Naim dealers and distributors are listed and searchable on the Naim website,

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