Nordost cables for Naim

Saw on Nordost website under the Frey2 and Tyr2 ranges, a group of cables, labelled “ speciality “ designed for Naim and CH precision users. I don’t know if these cables are Naim “ approved “ under some kind of agreement between the two companies.
Maybe @Richard.Dane has an answer.

I tried Nordost cables with my Melco / Sim Audio Moon amp / Klipsch speakers and ended up returning them all for a refund. They sounded thin,bright, hard and screechy - in a word awful. I can’t imagine that they would match well with Naim.

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No, not approved by Naim AFAIK, and indeed, it looks like some of these cables would be considered unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment, and so any further discussion would breach forum rules.