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Does anyone have experience of using Nordost power, IC and/or speakercables in a Naim system? Would be gratefull if you are willing to share. I am currently experimenting with Nordost Valhalla 2. Impressed so far but it is a big expense so insights from long term users would be valuable.
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Very happy with my (North America) Heimdall 2 power cables and Red Dawn speaker cables, both an improvement over stock and NAC A5. Just more “there” there. Can only assume Valhalla 2 even better.


I tried several days a Nordost power cord on my 250 dr. Don’t remember the name, it costed around 1,2 k. Don’t like the sound signature, too lean for my tastes.

I’ve had Nordost speaker cables for eons right from my Musical,Fidelity Amp where they were bi wired into my Castle Stirling speakers. To my Star and PMC 23i’s currently.

I’m very happy with Red Dawn power cables, my NDX 2 has one. I really like how clear and detailed the sound has become. Unluckily I haven’t tried anything else upper in the range.

As a long term user I heartily recommend having this in your man drawer.

Nordost cables are not one of the brands big on shielding.
Especially their speaker cables.
I have found they are sensitive to dust build up, maybe from static.
Unlike other brands that have a big take on shielding to extreme and can take a few decades worth of dust. Lol.
I find they sound as they should after a few monthly strip down. Using this product on kitchen paper just swiped throughout the lengths of the FEP.
If left too long I can notice a softness and some incoherence. Perhaps in a complex system with many cables routed through floors and conduits wouldn’t be the best solution.

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