Nordost Heimdall 2 power cord

Any of you use the HEIMDALL 2 POWER CORDs for their equipment, if so what do you think of them, are they worth it and whilst on power cables what do you reckon to, and have you got, in your system a power conditioner, maybe something like the IsoTek Evo 3 Nova for example and has it made much of a difference to your system?

I have a Nordost Thor with a Vishnu out into the Wall. More detail soundstage etc- it is wired with Valhalla inside. However using more Nordost mains didnt work and I use the standard Naim leads into the Thor. You can lose timing with them. Not sure what the newer Nordost ones do.

Yes I use them. Maybe a sweet spot in performance/ cost. The Frey 2 costs twice as much !!
Compared to others I have used they do their job without any emphasis of hifi aspects - bass, treble, soundstage etc etc. Just more music.

There are so many mains cables on the market, some are extremely expensive. It is difficult to know which ones to use, the NAIM power line vs. other brands are they better, worse, the same. You might expect manufacturers who specifically make cable assemblies should in theory be able to produce better cables but who knows. I wonder if there are better cheaper alternatives to the NAIM power line cables. Having sorted the cables out then you start to think about mains conditioning, maybe this should be the first consideration before cable selection but you can spend a fortune on this stuff as well. Oh joy !!!

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It’s best to use a power block with a good power lead to every box that processes audio signals whether analogue or digital. The 2m PowerLines seem to have magical qualities. Don’t underestimate what a really good power block can do. It’s all about noise on the mains including the transformers inside Naim Power Supplies. Some of us notice a drop in the hum from the bigger power supplies.

Not good for the pocket, but definitely makes a difference.


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Having recently added some Titan Audio mains cables to my system (the lower price point ones) I can only say “Wow” - huge uplift in sound quality, the most noticeable was the ‘Tyco’ on the nap 200: highly recommend them.

Other than Powerlines or the stock cable, if you like what another power cable does - I would recommend using it on all the components in your system.
For a while I had a number of different ones of various quality and cost, and tried swapping them. Expensive ones on the source, cheaper ones on the amps and vice versa.
Ended up preferring some albums one way and other albums the other way. In short a lot of faffing about.
Although some who trust their ears have had success using a specific cable on a specific device.

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So have done a back to back listening test with the basic NAIM power cables as compared to the Nordost Red Dawn connected to my XPS DR and a Heimdall 2 connected to my Supernait 3, the basic Naim power cable still being connected to my HiCap DR. Could I hear a difference, yes most definitely, with the Nordost cables fitted the sound was cleaner, you could pick out more detail. Just to check that I wasn’t imagining this I got the wife to listen and she also, without prompt, picked the sound produced using the Nordost cables. I would now like to try my system with the NAIM Power-line cables but this time connected to the XPS DR, Supernait 3 and the HiCap DR to see how they sound and if I want to jump that way. Oh joy more potential expense on the horizon.


Be careful not to equate more detail with better. Ultimately the music needs to be enjoyable to listen to. It also takes a new cable a while to settle down.

I’m not sure what to expect with your kit though.

Powerlines tend to be useful upgrade until the 500 series where they are standard. The resell on eBay at about £360.


Your right which is why I want to try on my system in my listening environment. I must admit though the use of the Nordost cables did make my system sound better. I would like to try the really expensive cables just to see if they made a significant difference, I.e where does the law of diminishing returns come into play.

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