Nordost Heimdall Ethernet vs Chord Signature Stream

Here’s my system:
NAC 552
NAP 300 DR
ROON Nucleus
Violectric V281 headphone amp.
English Electric 8Switch
Chord Music and Sarum T Analog cables
Nordost Heimdall and Chord C-Stream Ethernet cables.

The C-Stream is used from the EE switch to the ROON Nucleus. I’m was going to upgrade it to a Nordost Heimdall but decided that if I was going to add a cable upgrade to my system it should be the one from the switch to the Streamer.
The idea was to move the Heimdall going to the ND555 to the Nucleus. Then install a “better” cable from the switch to the streamer. The most important cable.
I’ve considered a used Sarum T Stream, an Ansuz X Ethernet, a Chord Signature or just replace the C-Stream with another Heimdall.

The Sarum T was at a good price but twice what the other options cost. My dealer recommended the Ansuz but I’d have to go to at least an Ansuz A2 and I didn’t want to go back to Ansuz. Finally, there is the Chord Signature. About 40% more money than the Heindall’s. It seems to be similar to the Super Sarum I used to own. I loved that cable and kept it through multiple iterations of my system.
My dealer will only say that the Signature is a nice upgrade over the C-Stream but won’t say that it’s better than the Heimdall.
Although it’s unlikely anyone has compared the Heimdall to the Signature, I thought I ask just the same.

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