Nordost loudspeaker cable with naim

Thanks Mike, very usefull information

Thanks Toby, I already did this, but am going to experiment some more

I have generally had the best results with Naim amps using Naim speaker cable, but that is not to say that other brands cannot be used. It’s just good to be aware of the particular requirements that Naim’s (and a few other brands) power amps have for capacitance and inductance, and try to select other cables that do not differ too much. Some manufacturers publish figures on their website, so you can check.

Not all Naim dealers are equal, I bought some A5 fron a dealer abroad and asked for Naim plugs on the amp end, the dealer disappeared round the back for ages only to return with banana plugs on both ends and, handing me a pair of Naim plugs, suggested I solder them myself if I really want them as they were beyond him.

Hello Mike,

Thanks to the help of Naim and the Naim dealership here, I soon will be able to try the Super Lumina LS cable wich is manufactured by Naim. This cable is 3 metre, and with this cable the 3,5 metre rule does not aply. I was able to return the TQ. It is to be expected that the Super Lumina should be the best cable for my Naim system. So I am exited to try it soon.
My dealer understood all the technical reasons for not plugging in the Nordost. But he still wanted me to try this frey 2 cable. He told me, I will probably end up with the Naim Cable, but why not try the not matching cable.
So I went home with 3 different cables. And This afternoon I thought, ok lets hear the Nordost. And I could not stop listening, as I am still listening as I write this reply. I do not think it is a better as the TQ for example. But to me it sounds very fast, clean en full of punch. While I also brought the TQ with to right metre per channel. And the TQ is great, as a full kind of sound, with an never ending energy. But to me it is very in my face. It is sort of exiting and impressive, but It for me it is not possible to listen to it for a long time. As Toby advised me to try, the blue heaven, does what the frey does, but sounds less clean and it does not catch me.
I will write my experience, once I tried the Sapur Lunina, Greetings Mike


Hey Chris, I am some sort of confused. As I am waiting for the Super Lunina cable, I have the Nordost Frey 2 3,5 metre cable plugged in. Everything in my brain is telling me this cable is a miss match for my Naim 300 DR, because of the technical specs of the cable.
But from the moment of plugging in the Nordost cable, I can not stop listening. Today I had 2 friends visiting. Both are music lovers but far away from the audiofile hobby. We listen to 3 different speaker cables. And without them knowing, anything of brands or prices of these cables, they both choose the sound with the Nordost.
Now I am hoping, that the Super lumina cable are going to show something special. Otherwise I am stuck in between the logic of following the best cable based on the technical specifications for Naim. Or choosing a cable wich should be a bad choice, because of the complete miss match of specifation. Both sounds marvelous at the same time. With in the back of my mind all sorts of stories about dangers of damage with these sort of cables.
What is your sight/opinion on this dilemma?
Greeting Mike

Despite any technical reasons for choosing a speaker cable (or my interpretation thereof) if it sounds good to you, and the amp doesn’t overheat or sound off, especially when driven hard, I would just go for the cable that sounds best to you. Although your Nordost cable isn’t a close match to the spec of NACA5, it’s not as far off it as some, such as Kimber. So maybe best not to worry too much about it.
It’ll be interesting to see how you get on with Super Lumina by comparison. Let us know how you get on with it.

Yes, I will share my experience on the community, once I have the Super Lumina. Thanks

I use 5m ‘standard’ TQ ‘Black’ from 250DR to Tablette 10 and it’s perfectly balanced imho.


Looking through the TQ list the Silver series is more an appropriate comparison with the Frey 2.

I have had the shl5plus and heard the annie version a few times . very nice but i find they can be a wee bit toppy sometimes . I have had nordost valhalla in mains and interconnects, had also nordost other mainds cables too . they can be a teeny weeny bit bright at times in some systems so i am slightly nervous how they would be with harbeth shl5plus. i may be wrong but i might be thinking of something else perhaps

Hello Skip,

From thursay, this week, I have been able to arrange some products to try different set ups in my system. But there are so many choices to make. As you have experience with mixing Nordost with Naim, I like to try some things that you have done. But my budget is a little limited. So I think about following setup to start, and would like to know if you think this makes sence, My goal is to reduce some low in a system wich sounds to full (I want less low and more freshness)

From the wall socked, a Frey 2 cable, into an ORT box. From this box all Nordost Heimdall cables in the NDX 2, Hicap DR, and the NAC 282. And from the ORT box to the 300 DR with a Nordost Red Dawn. And the Super Lumina speaker Cable. The cable between the NDX 2 and the NAC 282 is a ARAY signature Chord.

What happened to the Frey 2 speaker cables ??
I would put the red dawn mains cable on the hicap and the Heimdall cable on the 300.
Make sure the hicap is plugged into the primary earth socket on the ORT.

Hey Toby, The Frey 2 speaker cable is in my system now (demo). And I have a frey 2 cable on the NDX, and a Red Dawn on the Hicap DR (all demo).
With this setup, the sound is better (for me), in comparence with the tellurium Q Ultra 2 and the Cord power cables.
But as many, tell me, I should try a Naim Cable. And when I was Reading your set up, And you mix some Nordost with a Naim Cable. I AM very curious as you mix the top line (expensive) of power Chord, and combine this with relative inexpensive speaker cable. So I think it is worth while to try it.

Oh, Toby, forgot to ask;

Is the NAPSC power supply (the little one) more important as the Hicap DR?

In other words: If I put a Heimdall in the NDX 2 and the 300 DR. I have one Heimdall and 1 Red dawn. Is the NAPSC the supply for the Heimdall or de Hicap?

Try the red on the napsc and the Heimdall on the Hicap.

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Thanks Toby :+1::pray:

I use Audience AU24-SX 6 meters, not sure how it specs but it sounds amazing, I’m fortunate to work in the hi-fi business. I get to try lots of cool stuff at home.


I was cautioned about using too much Nordost with Naim. I got a great deal on the Valhalla 2 power cord, and a great deal on the Valhalla 2 jumpers. The Nordost power strip works well but it is Naim heresy as we all know. It does work very well with the Powerlines. I am not an orthodox Naim user; I am more of a reform Naim user. Still, I would be reluctant to use the Nordost speaker cable.

Hey Skip, Thanks for responding.

Why is the speaker cable from Nordost a no go for you?

Today I plugged in the frey 2 power chord from the wall, and from the QRT blok Heimdall Power Cords, and the frey 2 speaker cable. It sounds very good.
Tomorrow I will recieve the Super Lumina speaker cable. I will only replace the Frey 2 speaker cable for the SL cable, and see what happens.

I have the Nordost plugged in for a week. The 300 DR is not becoming warm.