Nordost Sort Fut on Quadraspire SVT rack anyone?

Hi all,

first post for a long time as got itch to do a bit of system tinkering

thinking of some Nordost Sort Futs for my quadraspire SVT bamboo rack and interested if anyone done this and your experiences

(reason being have gained good uplift so far on system by improving isolation in other areas, most recenly on my Kudos S20s, bronze spike upgrade and floating shelf for the DAC, etc)

system is full naim
DAC > NDX > NAC 282> HiCAP DR> NAP 250> MELCO > KUDOS S20s (CHORD Cables mainly sarum level)

appreciate any views

thanking you

Have you got the Bronze upgrade on your SVT rack ? these make a difference.

Good racks shouldn’t need any extras. If your kit was on the coffee table then yes go for it.

Yes got the bronze upgrade on the top shelf

Just seen pics of nordost sort futs on quadraspire racks at hifi shows so curious if makes a difference

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