Normal operating temp?

I did a search but the question seems to remain unanswered in the past. I’ve put a thermo on the outside of the cases and both the cb and the classic kit all seems to run around 27/28 degrees. Is that normal? The reason I ask is that the classic kit is in an enclosed shelved ‘box’ and I’ thinking about the possible danger of shortening the life of the electronics if it gets too warm. Presumably there is an optimum operating range for components such as caps.

I think 27/28C is pretty cool for consumer electronics generally. My old PMCs used to run at an internal temp of about 60C - with no problems even after many 1000s of hours of use (but I can’t answer as to whether Naim amps would be happy at 60 for extended periods). I haven’t measured my present Brystons, but From the external temperature I guess that at idle they are probably at least 40 inside, very possible quite a bit higher.

My own normal operating temp is 36-36.5C, so if I have a temperature of 37 it is elevated - and I can feel that it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine is 27 too

The heat will be coming from all sorts of items, but starting with voltage regulators and of course the transistors. Amps tend to do most work and generate most heat. I’d say 30 degrees is rather cool.
My MF pre and power runs much warmer than that even when idleing. 40 -50 degrees C? Interesting to watch the not so smart meter before and after switching on. I reckon mines pulls 350w?

With Naim, operating temp varies according to the equipment type.
Using a Fluke IR beam meter, my NAT-05 case is at or slightly warmer than room ambient.
The Supernait is typically around 8 to 10’C warmer than room ambient at its warmest case spot when playing.
NDX, depending on what its doing, is the warmest & I made some more detailed notes on this.
Its powered from an external PSU so its own transformer & associated PS circuits don’t add heat.
Its installed in a wood cabinet style rack with open front, enclosed bottom (shelf), top & sides, the rear is aprx 80% open.
It has the standard Naim 12mm foot height air gap, the top & sides all have 15mm air gaps.
In a room ambient of 21’C & after an on & idle state for >24 hrs the case temp measured 36.7’C
(NB: the NDX when powered on & not playing is still running some parts of its circuit functions & will be consuming power & generating heat)
After playing 1 album of 54 minutes the temp changed to 37.2‘C & remained much he same after playing for a further 3 hours. i.e. it runs aprx 16 to 17’C above room ambient

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