Northern Sweden,.pictures from a Beautiful Part Of Sweden

A Day On A Frozen Lake…

• This is in the Vilhelmina-mountains,.Lapland.

Quality of life,.is a word that passes in the head.

Stay safe…


Only in northern Sweden…

This is an unusual sight,.that not many people get to experience…see below.

• 29 Moose,.on a walk in a row,up the mountain in Lapland.


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My first school in Boden…

:small_blue_diamond:This school below,.is located centrally in Boden (my hometown),here I attended my first school year.

• This school is called “Central-school”,.and was built between the years 1900 to 1902.

It began to be used as a school in 1902.
As you can see,.there is a beautiful park in front of the school,and behind the school runs a river.
This school is just 150-200 metres from Boden’s absolute centre.

To the right in the park in the picture,.I usually build up an outdoor-stage during the summer,and arrange concerts with artists.
I don’t think this going to happen this year with Corona.
The park is much bigger than what you see in the picture,.and it tends to be full of people during these concerts

This picture was photographed four days ago.


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You seem to be well. Me too. The real life is back now in Paris. And nice weather.
Enjoy !


:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…Hi,.today there has been a bit of rain,but it is the first time in many,many weeks.
We’ve had sun almost all spring.

Well,.I have seen that France has opened up,Sweden too,.a little bit.
But most people here are incredibly careful,.and keep distance to each other.
I think we have a long way to go,.before we can say it’s “normal” again.

Enjoy you also Frenchrooster :smiley:.


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Summer picture…

• This is photographed three hours ago,.eight o’clock in the morning,250 meters from where I live in central Boden.

At the back of the picture you can see the roof of Boden Church.

Now have a nice Monday…


Midnight Sun…

This is photographed at 00.30 tonight,.the Midnight Sun shines incredibly beautifully.



All very beautiful, great thread.

Is there snow all year round in the north of Sweden?


10 minutes ago…a Bear.

:small_orange_diamond:Just now,.10 minutes ago,a friend photographed this bear in the wild in northern Sweden.



Just relax…

:small_blue_diamond:After the exciting meeting with a bear today,.in the picture above.
My friend was only 20 meter from the bear :dizzy_face:.

Yes,.then it can be good to relax in the sun on the coast for a while.
This is just outside Luleå today.
25 C warm,.sunny and a boat passes in the upper right corner of the picture.

Simply a wonderful day…:+1:t2::heart_eyes:.



I think Peder has switched to transmit only mode.

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A Wonderful Day…

• This is the Leipik-water at Stora Blåsjön (the last words in swedish so you can find this place).

This was a sunny and nice day a month ago.
A Wonderful Place.



Happy Midsummer To All…:blossom:

Here we go out to Luleå Archipelago

Luleå Archipelago consists of 1,312 wonderful islands,.rocks and skers.
Luleå archipelago is,.after the Stockholm archipelago,Sweden’s most beautiful archipelago.

:blossom:Hope you all have a nice Midsummer weekend,.See you :clinking_glasses:.



That’s the idea! Have fun.

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Have a great midsummer. :+1:

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Enjoy Peder! A travel to paradise !

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Midnight Sun at 01:30 in the night

:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…I think you’re right,.it’s magical to be sitting out here in this environment right now.

It’s 01:30 at night,.and we’re grilling some night-sausages with this amazing view.

Sometimes it’s wonderful to just live,.See you…


Its called a Capercaillie (the bird) in Scotland

Another in our boat-gang…

The Midnight Sun

:small_orange_diamond:This Midsummer is fantastic,.Sweden has not had this hot in 50 years during,a Midsummer-weekend.
This picture is also from late last night.

This is also at 11:30 p.m last night,.and the sun shines amazingly beautifully on those in this boat.

Hope everyone has an equally nice Midsummer…
/Peder :blossom:


Different views…

• Boat at Ladtjojaure in Lapland.

The picture was photographed by Marie Stålnacke during midsummer-weekend.
Northern Sweden is incredibly large,.and offers many fantastic environments and views.

We have had sunny and warm all midsummer-weekend,and the nice summer-weather continues.
Right now blue sky and 30 degrees celsius.

See you…
/Peder :swimming_man:t2: