Nostalgia - The Book of Dreams

I thought Forumites might be interested in this – the Argos Book of Dreams.

Someone has gone to the trouble of digitising old Argos catalogues going back to the 1970s. Despite its reputation as a slightly cheap ‘n’ cheerful retailer, the company was selling some desirable items back in the 1970s, such as Akai reel-to-reel tape machines.

Well worth a browse and to wallow in nostalgia.

For those living outwith the UK and unfamiliar with Argos, it’s a much-loved high street institution, founded in 1972. Instead of browsing shelves, shoppers would browse a catalogue, either in-store or at home, fill in a form and get their stuff.


I’m old enough to remember the 1973 launch of Capital Radio (a very big deal back when British radio was a bad joke). Argos had an ad with a singer-songwriter-style jingle that I couldn’t decipher for the life of me. “Buy it at Argos and hgahgs gvarjj% h&pp*.”

Apparently, I wasn’t the only confused listener. Within a couple of weeks, a re-recorded version was being played. “…and pocket the difference.”

Unless it was all a sinister attempt to fix Argos in your brain forever. If so, mission accomplished.

Right, now for a deep dive into that old catalogue.

went to a christngle service yesterday and the sermon was based on that ! must get a look at it

I’ve just been through 1974/75. Wow. That takes me right back to my parents’ house of that era (and beyond!). I was expecting the prices to look super cheap, but they don’t, especially. That might be because household items and appliances are much cheaper – and crappier – in the States.

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There should be a law against cheap rubbish appliances , i have a catalogue through the door that sells drills for 13 pounds !!! how can you make anything decent for that . they just end up in Landfill and soon we will have no landfill left !!

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