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So I’m using Qobuz and an album that has been in my favourites list for about a month has suddenly become “Not Available”.

Any ideas as to why this happens? :cry:

It’s often fixed by searching for the same album and there will be a replacement version available.

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As well as the possibility of it having been recatalogued, I am led to believe that a known hazard with online streaming services are is that they revise their stock from time to time, sometimes even removing whole swathes of music such as when a deal with a record label changes.

Sometimes, even more funny and strange, one track on the entire album is not available.
Hopefully, I stream only locally.

If I like something particularly well then I’ll buy it on CD, download or LP.

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Qobuz is reallong annoying for this. Or, when a favourite album is the version with 30s tracks. But as others have said, if i like the album, ill buy it as physical media. Usually vinyl.

It’s up to the label which version they put online, and I have Tidal and Qobuz and it’s usually the same. I agree, though, that some reissues are annoying if the final song of an album is automatically followed by bonuses, alternate takes, etc. Another plus for Roon’s editing options :slight_smile:
(And CDs and even some misguided vinyl reissues can come with tacked-on tracks as well)

As for unavailable tracks, happens on Tidal as well and may well be due to licensing issues, or I’m sure sometimes simple errors. Again, it’s up to the rights holders what they make available

This kind of thing happens on Tidal as well.

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