Not "liking" legendary bands or artists

There have been many threads recently on Roger Waters, Floyd, their albums etc etc.
Am I alone in just not getting them? Am I honestly missing something? I also just dont get The Beatles or Bob Dylan. All legends I agree and I have no doubt of their musical significance, but I just glaze over when listening.
I really want to like them…but I cannot.
Bit like Mrs 1906 and olives.

Perhaps this could be a thread for fellow non likers to freely speak!


…variety is the spice of life!

There are some musicians that others love and I can take them or leave them, there are other artists that I post when I play and do not receive much play for many others.

I’m just glad there is so much out there and we live in a time where access to so many world wide artists and styles of music is at our fingertips. Life is sweet!


I still enjoy the Fabs and Dylan, among other “heritage” acts, but rarely play them anymore. I’m much more interested in new music.

And yes, there are many legends I don’t get/can’t stand. Just one example from hunnerds: The Grateful Dead. I try every now and again, but no.


Yes, I get that we are all different but some bands and artists seem to almost command an expectation of being liked. The Beatles for example… some of my friends just cannot understand how I cannot like them.Floyd are similar, you are regarded as an owner of two heads by some.


Hi @Neilb1906 … I fully understand and feel with you. My best guess is that the majorty of the forum members are at a certain age and grew up with this music.

Personally, I grew up in the 90’s and still like the artists from that era best


There are lots of people I would happily never hear again, not because they are bad, but because I don’t enjoy their music despite their undoubted talents, Artic Monkeys are an example of this. And there are a few, whose songs I like but I can’t stand their singing voice, Tom Waites fits into this. Of the Beatles, Macca has written a few songs I like or really like but most of his songs I prefer not to hear and a couple that I think are crimes against music, despite this, I do recognise his talents and contributions to modern music.

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Check out the Beatles documentary on Disney+. It paints an amazing picture of how talented they were. Since watching it I see and hear them in a completely different way


Don’t worry, you are not alone! I don’t listen to them either. For instance I appreciate The Beatles but in the end it’s not my kind of music.

Just to add - I’m going through this at the moment with Mike Oldfield. Really can’t get on board. I’m going to see him tomorrow night!:weary:

Beatles do nothing for us.

Don’t own any Beatles vinyl, or digitised CDs.

It’s clear many others love them.

What we notice on the “what are you listening to” threads is that many people spend their listening time with recordings they already own.

We spend more time discovering new music (which we can then own) than we do listening to recordings we already have. Discovery of a new artist per day is the goal.


I grew up during the 60s/early 70s but don’t listen to much from that era. Most of my listening I would say is from the 90s to current acts, so stuff that got released once I was over 30. I have a couple of friends around my age who are like me and listen to lots of current stuff, but I think you are right that a good proportion of people seem to stick with the music or acts they listened to when under 30. I do recall reading an article about some research about how most people tend to stick with the music they liked whilst younger somewhere, unfortunately, I can’t remember where it was.


Interesting comments, thankyou.

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I did watch Get Back.
Agree, fascinating film… no doubt of the creativity amongst the tensions…still don’t like the music.
I have no doubt about Rembrandts skill in painting, colours, detail… etc. Dont like the paintings.
Van Gogh on the other hand… emotionally gripping.

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I have a friend who doesn’t like, or really know, the Beatles. He is 62.

I think they are historically and musically important. They were also very good. Their song writing catalogue is probably second to nobody imho.

It is probably good we all don’t like the same thing.

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I think what prompted me to start this thread was really the Pink Floyd obsession some have.
RW re records Animals with the central heating on instead of off and a thread appears.
This is more a comment about me I suppose.
I just think sometimes I must be missing something.


I think some of it is to do with age, were these bands popular when you were growing up ? Another factor is you can just not like some bands, I’m indifferent to Queen, Elton John, Van Morrison and a host of others.
What kind of music do you like ?

Like you, I’m indifferent to EJ and VM. But Queen make me run away screaming. And don’t get me started on Enoch Clapton.


Love The Beatles, The Rolling Stones though - meh. Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Yes… no thanks.

The Doors. Awful CSE level poetry sung by a singer who’s all about the drama and the gesture and zero about emotion.

I’ve tried. I’m not one for giving up easily. I like to understand and appreciate even if I never get to like or love. The Doors are the one exception for me. Musically and lyrically clunky. You never get a sense that the whole is more than the sum of their parts. Less if anything.

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I agree with this statement. Most of the “legendary” bands/artists are before my time, but I appreciate what they’ve done even though I’ve listen to them 20-30 years after their prime on average. If it wasn’t for streaming I’d never listen to them to be honest. I seek out my favs and then listen to who influenced them.