Not the same

Just a quick question…running Supernait 2 with my new ND5XS2 and played on-line the Innocent man by Billy Joel, why does this not sound as good as the CD??
Tidal is 44.1 16bit …CD player is 24bit Meridian.
Am I doing something wrong.

Do you mean Tidal generally, or just this album? The general consensus here has nearly always been that locally streamed CD rips sound better than Tidal, but that is mainly based on the old streamer models.

I have not done much in the way of comparisons …YET as I have just plugged it all up after collecting it from the dealers. Other stuff on tidal does sound good so far. Waiting to plug my CD back in as I had to move shelves and needs another hole drilling. Will play at the weekend.
Many thanks

A couple of things that you could check in Tidal:

  1. Most Tidal material is 16/44 FLAC if you have a HiFi subscription, but not all. Occasionally you get a lossy AAC stream for some reason.
  2. Check your Tidal account settings and make sure that the Streaming setting is set to HiFi. Just because you have (I presume) a HiFi subscription does not always mean that this setting is correct. It’s ususlly right, but if not, Tidal will happily charge you for lossless and give you a lossy stream.

its set to Lossless within setttings MASTER…also £19.99 once my free Naim trial finishes.
Presume Tidal shows you what the track is all the time i.e 16/44 FLAC
Thanks for you help, appreciate it. I am new to this streaming game.

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