Not the usual suspect (speaker)

Just returned from a day at the N.Y. audio show. It was relatively small - probably no more than 25 rooms besides a couple of large rooms. Most sound was forgettable. The exceptions (to me) were Harbeth 40.2 (usual suspect) and I do own 30.1, audio note UK , and the one I’m curious if anyone has heard - ideally on a naim system - Stenheim speakers, the alumine3 was playing through CH electronics. Since I’m not familiar with either . I know both are high priced spreads, but $$$ alone won’t buy good sound especially in a hotel room. Just curious about them with or without naim.

I don’t think you will hear an opinion on this forum about Stenheim speakers. I saw a pair at a local dealer 7-8 years ago and they were not even set up for demos: just displayed. It would appear a very niche product of high quality but at 11k CHF (for model Two) without the matching proprietary stands which set you back another 2.5k I am not in a rush to try them here in Lausanne. If you have the opportunity to test a pair I would love to hear your opinion.
Best regards

No plans to test them but I heard them at the ny show on some ch electronics and thought they were very good. Was curious how others thought of them. Well out of my price range, but was wondering how it would sound with naim.

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