Nottingham Hi Fi reopened - without Naim

Good news, Nottingham Hi Fi has reopened.
(More information:

The bad news is that because it is a new business, Naim has re-evaluated the store and decided not to do business with it.

This seems like a short sighted decision that I hope we can get reversed.

It could be becasue Sevenoaks SAV at Whitehorse Walk in the City Ctr sell Naim, and if Castle Acoustics still exist, they did/do as well.

It could be. But out of that list, only Castle is a 555 stockist.

I would argue that the more stores that sell Naim products, the more likely customers are to see them and buy them. Expecially if that store has many years exprience with Naim and an existing customer base with Naim products.

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