Nova amplifier stage - Good as 250-2?

As per title thinking fo replacing my Atom with a Nova and wondered if my 250-2 would be redundant as the Nova has a nominally similar amplifier or would it improve the Nova like it has the Atom?

I did use a 250 dr on a Nova and it did improve the sound quality, not heard a 250-2 though?

Used to use my Nova with a NAP250 while other kit was in storage, which gave it more control and power in the lower registers. If you have a 250-2 which is working well I suspect it would improve on the Nova’s power amp, but the presentation is quite different, some might prefer the Nova.

The only issue of course would be paying for the Nova’s power out and not using it.

The best would be to demo it if you can, and maybe also demo against an ND5 XS 2/Supernait 3 if you can live without a display and would part-ex Atom and 250-2, which might afford a bit more upgrade flexibility.

If you search the forum for Nova + 250 you will find lots of threads discussing the topic from lots of different angles

We’ll see if I can I be satisfied for a day with the new Powerline (here I hope by Friday)…wait…what?

I think it depends on your speakers. I found a Nova a bit lost when driving the SL2s in my second system, but adding a Quad Artera power amplifier (a lot less expensive than a Naim power amp and available for immediate delivery) substantially improved things. I suggest you don’t let the 250-2 go until you have had a chance to hear the Nova with and without it.




I think it might depend on the speakers. the 250DR does wonders with my shahinian obelisks vs. the bare Nova. I suspect there is also something to the fact that the Nova’s own power transformer not being used might allow the preamp section more room to “breathe”, anyways adding a 250DR = big step up with my Nova. The paying for the Nova’s power out not being used is a non-concern for me as this is not a “add the internals up to calculate the value” equation with Naim kit, for instance take a look inside a FC2, you could park the family car in there, no problem…

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