Nova and LS50 metas

Seen a few reviews on these and they look promising. Anyone vouch for these with a Nova, as compared with my current Dynaudio Focus 110’s?

Don’t want to lie: if I where you, I wouldn’t change.
My personal experience with the kefs was horrendous . Cimbilance and some wtf moments upon audition.
And with the Nova, I would up the segment. ( think Special40 or PmC25.22)

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I can’t speak for the Nova but I have a pair of LS50 Meta with my UnitiQute2 and they are superb. I liked the original LS50’s and the Meta’s are a considerable improvement to my ears. They do like a decent set of stands and careful placement but once set up correctly they are capable of a very balanced presentation.

The only other speakers that came close for me was the ProAc Tablette but the Meta’s seem to work better in my particular room.

Was my best in class, when reviewed with the original LS50.( to buy my current UQ2)
In true fairness, someone have suggested me upon sharing my personal experience that maybe that pair hadn’t enough “burning time”

Yes that could have definitely been the case. My dealer unboxed my brand new pair in the demo room and they sounded terrible, really boxy and flat with sibilance and a harsh treble with very little bass extension. We set them playing while demoing some other equipment in another room then came back and chatted. In a few hours they sounded very different indeed and much, much better. After around 70 hrs at home they where completely different and the speakers continue to impress now with several hundred hours use. It’s hard to understate just how much they have changed from initial unboxing to when they have run - in !

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But let’s face it: it’s the dealer fault:
The client, upon first impressions, tend to decide in situ. Not thinking eventual gains long term. Sometimes you loose potential sales by doing these kind of errors

I do believe the Meta’s are very stiff when they are brand new. I haven’t heard them in a real listening situation, but i saw a Youtube video with a burn in comparison after 20 and 100 hours, and even from a crappy online recording you could hear the difference:

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