Nova and Olive 250 - No improvement


Bought a Nova a few months back which I have connected with Dynaudio special 40’s. Sounds good but decided to connect an old Olive 250 to it to see if it would make the difference people suggest on other closed chats. Personally I hear no difference when i turn off the Olive. Could be my ears, the quality of the olive, the interconnects etc. Any opinions/advice? I really expected some difference.


Maybe the Olive 250 is in need of a service?

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bought it (suppoesedly) recapped last year!

Let me make sure I am not doing anything wrong here. I have the olive connected to the naim analogue output. If i turn the olive off while something is playing I hear absolutely no difference in sound quality. Is my setup wrong or is the olive problematic.


Sorry for the maybe silly question, but where are the speaker cables connected? Just asking because if you “turn the 250 off while something is playing”, you should hear nothing at all

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To use the 250 on the Nova, you would connect the 250 from the pre-amp out on the Nova. You then either only run the speaker cables from the 250, or you bi-amp with 2 pairs of speaker cables from each of the Nova and 250 to the each pair of bi-amp plugs on the speakers (if they have them).

But if you are turning the 250 off and hearing no change, you don’t have the speakers connected to the 250…

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Speaker cables are connected to the Olive and switched to the Nova when I want to test the difference. Should have been clearer in my initial mail.

Do you know for sure that this was done, and done properly?

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OK then :slight_smile: Well, the Nova is very good and not everyone on the forum saw an improvement with an additional power amp. So maybe with your speakers etc., that’s what it is.


If it helps, the man who bought my 250DR found little difference when it was added to his Nova. So you are not alone.

Well the Nova has the ceramic transistors…

On the other hand when I tried a 250dr to a superuniti I found the superuniti sounded broken by comparison

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