Nova and Sony UBPX800M2 Blu-Ray

Is it possible any of my learned friends could help with a query? I have connected the Sony Blu-Ray player to the Nova with an HDMI lead, set everything on the Sony to PCM etc, when the HDMI input is selected all I get is a message on the Nova screen telling me there is no source output, and therefore no sound. However when I connect using a digital coax cable everything is hunky-dory, so that’s fine I have sound through the coax, but does anyone have an idea why the HDMI route doesn’t work? Thank you, your most loyal and humble fellow Naim fan!!

As far as i know the Nova has an HDMI ARC (audio return channel) port which means you can only connect it directly to the HDMI ARC output of your TV or projector and nothing else.

You need to connect the Bluray player directly to your tv or projector, either by optical or hdmi cable.

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Ah, right, I hadn’t thought of that, thank you for your input!

As Conlegno says above, the HDMI on the Nova is an HDMI ARC, so for the Audio Return Channel of a TV only.

Thank you for the clarification Richard, everything makes sense now I’ve had the responses.

Just make sure the TV sends a compatible stream to the Nova when connecting it. Do not pass through the full surround sound signal or you will get an awful screech from the speakers. Should be stereo PCM.

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Thank you for the advice Kryptos!

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Hi Richard, just a thought, as the new Uniti range is so technically advanced, would it not have paid for Naim to have produced a ‘proper’ user’s manual, as most, if not all other manufacturers do, I’m far from being a technophobe, but such as this trivial detail, and who knows how many others? Would be covered, even if it’s only online. I have a very comprehensive owners manual for my Volvo, that’s online, and on the cars hard drive, such is the document’s size, obviously it can be done for a major piece of kit. Not a game changer for me but I have seen the request a number of times now.

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Nick, there are good arguments both for and against the question of a manual on products where software look, layout and features are regularly revised and updated. With the new Unitis Naim tried something different with a Quick Start Guide to cover the basics and then backed up by the online support portal on the website. Some like that, but for anyone who likes a paper manual (or even just a pdf) that probably hasn’t been so popular, so I’m sure Naim are listening and taking note.

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Cheers Richard!

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