Nova and stageline

Hi. New to forum…and need some help…I’m certainly a novice here. .and need with co necting a stageline to a nova. I have an isupply but also a flatcap 2. The kit is used but all in great shape. The isupply has a captive din and was very simple to connect to my old nait5. (Din on isupply to stageline and second din on stageline to din on nait…can flatcap do the same ? I’m confused by the 4 signal.outs on the flatcap and the preout on the nova. Any advice appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. If you use the isupply then just connect the Stageline to one of the Nova DIN analogue inputs (labelled 3 and 4). The isupply is connected to the 5 pin DIN on the Stageline (socket 2) and a 4 to 5 pin DIN cable connects socket 1 on the Stageline to the Nova.

If you want to use the Flatcap2 then you’ll need a SNAIC5 cable to connect from Power out B on the Flatcap to socket 2 on the Stageline. Use your existing 4 to 5 pin DIN cable from Signal out D on the Flatcap to socket 3 or 4 on the Nova.


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I appreciate the reply so quickly… Like I said I’m a novice bit honored to be in the naim family. Thanks alot.


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