Nova and Super Lumina Speaker Cables

I am looking for feedback from anyone who has either demo, used for an extended time period or is presently using a pair of Super Lumina Speaker Cables with a Nova ? There are very few review post here on the subject for the obvious reasons $$$ and also the Lumina related to future upgrade path. I am still curious of the results given how much of a difference in sonic characteristics upgrading to a Powerline from a Powerline (Lite) and adding Naca5’s made in mine. So, specifically in this post I am only looking for users opinions of the changes in sound characteristics the Super Lumina’s added to the Nova. And no opinions on whether or not to purchase a pair.

Again just gathering information and felt the is a post that should interest some, so any posts appreciated !!! Thanks.



I had an extended home demo with a pair of SL speaker cables with a Nova and it was clearly better than the NAC A5 they replaced. I going off memory as I no longer have a Nova or the SL cables. First impression, was the immersive soundstage. It just instantly became higher and wider. The level of bass improved, it became tighter and middle/top end opened up. It felt more upfront but more natural. I really liked what the SL did for the Nova. The NAC A5 is no slouch either but the SL cables seemed to be more natural sounding with the ability to bring out the finest details. Hope this helps.

I tried some Super Lumina with the Nova (maybe oututting to a NAP 250) - it had more detail especially in the bass, but overall I wasn’t convinced it suited it - although it tightened lots of things up the result seemed rather anaemic and polite - this may reflect my preference for a warm sound, but despite a good ex-dem price I couldn’t justify it at the time - maybe if the lengths had been shorter it would have been a more attractive proposition. Must admit I was tempted though.

Gut feeling was it needed much better equipment to shine, but so many variables at work especially speakers.

Thank you Ants

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Thank you Alley_Cat

I have SL speaker cables on my SN2, with results as explained by Ants. I also have a Nova and will probably try them on that sometime for fun. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t be a good match I think. I certainly prefer the SL over the NAC A5.

Thanks Mike, I feel Ant :ant: observation was as close to my intuition and a perfect assessment.

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I think some would disagree, but I’ve always felt that the more expensive interconnects/speaker cables are ways to improve the all-in-ones devices that may seem mismatched price wise but if they work then great and they’ll be even better if/when you upgrade.

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Thanks again Alley_Cat, I can only speak from my experience with the Nova and upgrading cabling to (Naim Only) has most definitely improved the Nova’s sound presentation.

If you had to buy 2X 6m like me, which cost around 5k, do you think it worth the investment ?

Do you mean with a Nova @frenchrooster? I haven’t tried it, but will swap my speaker cables around at some stage out of interest.

My Nova my be changed yet to a 2 box setup to put more juice into those Totem Hawks - need to see where the 272 and preamp range is heading. Some of the new Cambridge Audio range looks promising and is quite a bit more affordable.

No, with your system. But you don’t need 2X 6m I guess, seeing your set up. So I wonder if you would have done it if 2X 6m were to buy.
Because I am wondering if it’s worth spending so much on speakers cables. Mine are already better vs naca 5.


To be more clear: If you had 2X 6 m speakers cables to buy for your SN2/ hicap/ Ndx2/ xps, would you still buy the Superlumina, because it would cost around 5k. ?

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Yes, I would, now that I have heard how good they are. I think you need the SL interconnect from the course though, as there is synergy with the sonic frequencies and signature with the full loom.

I have chord signature tuned array interconnects . So little chance to make a full loom. And I like my chords.
However chord speakers cables don’t sound good with my speakers…So one day , if I improve upon my speakers cables, it may be SL, Kharma or other.

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Again, the question i am asking here is only about the sonic experiences anyone has had with a Nova connected to Super Lumina Speaker Cables.

You will hardly find someone using such costly speaker cables with a Nova. For the cost of Nova and SL speakers cables, you can nearly get a SN2/ ndx2 combo, well ahead of Nova.
Perhaps @obsydian has them with the Nova…

I would try the True signal Sound Transfer Speaker Cable or Silver Ultimate Speaker Cable which i have and i found them far superior to the Naca5 and SL .

hi frenchrooster, I am well aware of the SLs cost, the system or systems in the Naim line they where manufactured to match-up with. The thing is I bet there are many people out there who have full racks of Naim gear with full looms of SLs connecting them that also may have just picked up a Nova as a separate unit for another function or someone who has taken a Nova or SLs home to just demo out of curiosity. In fact, the first post here by “Ants” was a beautiful, insightful post and prime example of what i am talking about and why I started this. For some it’s curiosity and it’s also fun !

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I am also interested in this topic. Having had 8 olive boxes at one stage there is no way I am going back there. My Nova gives me 90% of the quality and I am staying with a single box system. It’s not about cost, it’s about being fed up with the nagging doubt about whether another box would make me happy and having to faff around with racks and cable dressing etc. Maybe I’m getting old but I really can’t be arsed with that nonsense any more.
Having said that I am still willing to listen to upgrades that will improve the sound without adding hassle. My full fat Powerline is a good example and Super Lumina speaker cables would also fit the bill if the uplift was significant. It would also be a relief to have something less ugly and awkward than my Nac A5s.