Nova and Twenty5.26

I don’t have any experience with the new-ish Evoke range, but generally the PMC are easier to place, if that is important. Incredibly unfuzzy speakers, as @334578 wrote earlier.

To me, PMC Twenty5.23 are a no-brainier, but I am biased… :blush:

And these folks might make the deal even more interesting, always worth having a word with them — got my PMC25.23 from there when they were still the current model. Also they were very flexible when home-demoing speakers. Great dealer! But sadly no Naim…

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With that size room what about Evoke 50? I have a room size similar to yours but pull them out from the wall 1.6m (to tweeter)

Wow, lots of response. Thanks to you all.

It sounds like I need to audition the .23. I have spoken to the dealer. I like the 26 but it is a lot of speaker for my area it seams. I can buy new last gen 23’s for 1/3 the cost of an ex demo pair of 26 which have had a driver replaced. About half price of new.

I neglected to mention my area, which is in the wrong hemisphere to visit that retailer, although I feel I would visit them if I could. Aus.

As I haven’t listened to any bookshelves/standmounts, should I be doing this also?

5m by 9m is a large room (indeed in terms of British homes, very large)! The 26s should be no problem at all in it, subject to positioning etc. I’ve no idea hiw well tge Nova would drive them, but that is easily answered by taking your Nova to the audition (if the seller doesn’t have), or a final try at home (if the seller permits).

As for standmounts, unless you mean big ones like the PMC MB2 it depends on whether you want the bottom octave or two, However, of significance is that because doing good bass is not an easy thing to design, and inevitably requires a bigger box, a full range (typically floorstanding) speaker inevitably is considerably more expensive than one with limited bass (such as typical of standmounts) giving the same quality mid and top

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Thank you,

So a stand mount for snare and drum would still perform, lower bass being the trade off. Correct? Ie. 25.22

Alternatively, there is the much vaunted 23, that is the logical next audition.

I have two quality music oriented sub-woofers, that take care of the lower octaves. My upgrade path could be described as ‘doglegged’ rather than ‘linear’. I am learning so very much along the way though, and thanks again to all contributors. I am pleased to have posted and received such a rssponse.

You will have to listen to know - I’ve not listened to the models below the 26. For my own preference in music presentation I went higher still, but then I don’t have subs and so decent full range was important. Received wisdom is that subs can be a good substitute for full range main speakers, though only if they have an even response, and are “fast” with minimal overhang. Subs of course need integrating properly, including having regard for phase, and positioning is more important for music than commonly found for AV use. I note you say yours are “music oriented” - hopefully that means as above.

BTW there was a thread last year called Naim Nova and PMC speakers? which may be worth a read - easily found with the search tool.

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Thank you, yes found the thread. Sounds very much like 23’s need a demo.

Also, yes t9x Rel subwoofers x2. Sealed with passive radiators. More than capable of performing bass duties for my taste. I have them between 9 and 10 o’clock for gain and crossed fairly low.

See this post by @Xanthe about setting up subs optimally:

The mic Xanthe mentions is a little over £100 new, half to 2/3rds secondhand (ind easily sold on again if not wanted further). REM is free software. These are also extremely useful tools for optimising speaker and listening positions in the room, also assessing how the system is performing, and room treatment to optimise further.

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Acoustically speaking passive radiators aren’t sealed boxes, in fact their response to the input signal is slower than ported systems.

In order of speed of response timing:
Sealed boxes as 2nd order alignment.
Ported boxes (i.e. Helmholtz resonators) are 4th order alignment.
Passive radiator resonators are 5th order alignment.

I realise they aren’t sealed really, possibly not unlike the transmission line used to extend bass in the 25 series. I giess there is often some form of voodoo at play to make more from less.

The t9x are certainly timed better than my old Paradigm subwoofer and far less monotone.

I have managed to get the 23’s delivered for audition. First impressions are very good, might be too small for my room as suggested. Amazing sound from a small speaker, punch & timing is on point. I have to turn the volume up a few points for similar output. Higher than any other speaker (509, Evoke30, 25.26)

I’m now in a quandary on if I should wait and let my ears rest on all the information gathered. I have 509’s and do like the tone overall, perhaps I should try the bigger 520 with dedicated mid drivers.

I can see why people say this is a journey.

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The speakers have the biggest effect of any component on the overall sound character of a system. I know I am in a minority on the forum in not subscribing to “source first”, but I believe that getting a speaker that is right for you, the individual, is more important than any other component. Your amp needs to be able to handle the speakers, so hearing with your own amp model is important, but even if other amps might be better, that is simply pleasure to come if you ever decide to upgrade.

Personally I feel that until you reach quite a rarified level of system quality good speakers are likely to have a new value more than any other component (though in saying that my experience has been in separates), especially for anyone who likes their music to be full range as recorded (of course, the range recorded partly may depend on taste in music. Anyone not minding missing the bottom octaves and content to let their brains fill in based on primarily hearing harmonics of low bass notes, or listening only to music without low bass, may of course find less expensive speakers satisfying. In the context of consideration of monetary value of speakers, subs of course are included if that is the chosen approach.


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