Nova as temporary streamer into pre/power

I currently have my Nova analogue output routed through a Nap 250DR. The long term plan was to trade the Nova in for the 272 replacement but as that is still not available I’m thinking of going with an NDX2 and 282/Hicap/250 (or Supernait 2 for reduced box count) but cannot afford this in one hit. If I purchase a Hicap to go with the 250 and also use a Nac 82 I already have can I feed the analogue out from the Nova to the pre-amp? It would only be a temporary solution for a few months

I would wait until after the Munich show…rumour is that something new from Naim will be announced.

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Interesting! Thanks Gazza. There is certainly a pent up demand for a new Naim streamer/pre as shown by interest in similar products from Linn and Aurilac etc

Thanks for that Gazza, any rumours on native Qobuz ?

My preference would be to go for separates, especially as you already have an 82. I’m not sure that changing that for a 282 would be worth the money.
The Nova has no line out, so I think you’d be better off just running it into the 250 until you can afford an NDX.

I hope they do…but ot enough of a splash at Munich?, must be something else?

Chris - thanks for the clarification although not what I was hoping regarding lack of line out. Upgrading the 82 to 282 isn’t my first priority which is replacing the Nova with an NDX2 or just possibly a new Naim streamer/pre if one materialises soon from Salisbury

Short answer is yes, you could run a Nova into a 282 with these caveats:

  • the Nova would give variable level output not line level
  • no 5 pin DIN out so you’d either need a custom 4 pin DIN to 5 pin or you’d use the variable phono outs to phono in or 5 pin DIN input on the 282

This works surprisingly well for me and I have been surprised at the variable level pre-out quality though would probably rather it was fixed, though it makes volume control via Roon very effective.

Funnily enough I originally had an Atom to which I added an old NAP 250 with great improvement - quite soon after purchase the Atom had a bad display fault and was RMAd.

It was only a matter of weeks since purchase, but by then the dealer had a Nova in stock so I had to compare and opted for that rather than a replacement Atom.

Again added my old NAP 250 to the Nova.

Eventually dug out an old NAC 72/HiCAP but there was hissing from one channel on the 72 which probably needs a service. Demoed a NAC 282 and eventually got one using with older HI CAPS and NAP 250.

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Also plan to get the NDX 2 or better at some stage, just decided I’d sort out the pre first - I’d try the 82 it may be fine.

Alley_Cat - thanks for the info - presumably I should set the Nova volume control at a low level initially and then adjust the volume level on the 282 to get my preferred sound level and if it is too low then go back and raise the level on the Nova.

Does the Hicap come with a 5 pin - 5 pin Snaic?

Yes, it comes with a Snaic5.

Personally I tend to set the Nac 282 volume very low and the Nova’s to maybe 90-95, then raise the 282 volume to an acceptable level, leaving it there and reducing the Nova’s volume as needed - this generally prevents the possibility of inadvertently playing the Nova too loud (if you have the defaults, you’re probably set for 85% max volume output though the display will show the 0-100 range). I think you could make arguments both ways, but I’d prefer the Nova to be providing a higher voltage with low volume on the 282 than the other way around. The NDX 2 does give the option of fixed vs variable output from memory when I demoed one a few months ago - definitely a step up from the Nova but the Nova is very acceptable in it’s own right though naturally few people would buy it as a source!

Again, not what the Nova is intended for but it would have been nice to have an external PSU upgrade option for it in my view, as adding a NAP means you’re not using the in-built power amp which can’t be turned off AFAIK (could one bi-amp???).

Thanks again for more useful information on running the Nova temporarily as a streamer - much appreciated

Hope it works out - if you don’t have a HI CAP already might be worth seeing if a dealer could loan one to check everything works ok with the 82, which it should unless that needs a service.

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