Nova/Atom Volume Question

Probably me being daft, but I’ll ask anyway, as this has been bothering me for months!

I’m running a Nova now, previously had an Atom until January this year.

I’ve noticed when streaming (mainly Qobuz, but experimented briefly with Tidal - not as good IMHO), most albums need the volume to be around 22-25, although some ‘quieter’ variants see it at around 28/29, never had it any higher than that.

However, even at 25, I look on the app track volume, and 25 appears to be at less than 1/4, which I assumed 25 to be.

I just find it odd to go any more than that! I picture other hi-fi gear from beforehand, and for where I’ve always positioned units, 1/4 was always plenty to fill the room. Although 30+ on the volume looks less when on the app!

The max volume setting under audio settings in the app will change the position of the slider.
If max volume is set to 85 and your volume is set to 25 then your actual volume is 85/100 * 25 = 21.25.

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Just changed the max volume to 100. Think I’ll understand that a bit better!

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