Nova, big SQ jump after 9 months!

Well, suddenly out of the blue, my Nova just had a big lift in sound quality out of the blue. I’ve had it 9 months and use it most days, as it doubles with the main TV. Noticeable deeper bass, bigger soundstage and more space around the sounds. Very nice and an unexpected bonus.

In other news, the NDX2 has arrived on New Zealand shores and will be here shortly along with a shiny new SN2 to go into the lounge and the Nova moves to my office/media room. Great timing as I am now working from home.


i thought i was going mad as mine did the same…

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Mine seems to be showing moments of this exalted SQ, but it’s definitely not consistent. Luckily the below par sound is great as well. Mine is 3 months so time will tell…

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Mine went up and down a lot for the first 3 to 4 months. I was running new speakers too, so a lot of that was working in too. Now, it’s like there has been a streamer upgrade - the veil was lifted LoL.

:small_blue_diamond:A small question,…Talked your traders about this,…that it could take so much time for Nova to “start singing”.
Asks,…because in Sweden the traders do not mention that the soundquality can go up and down for such a long time.

Then customers would think there was something wrong with the product,and buy something else.


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My dealer has always been open about the ups and downs of burn in. The SQ on the Nova has always been pretty good, it’s just so much better with the run in. There was one night I remember though a few weeks in, when I frowned and thought “that sounds sh…t”.

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similar experiences here, sometimes very grating and other times nice and full sounding, often wondered was it me, the mains, my ISP or whatever, maybe it is just burn in but I’ve had mine since 1st Sept last year and it gets used a lot

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I just wonder if there is a consistency issue with the new Unitis here? I’ve had my Atom for over a year now, and sometimes it surprises me how good it can sound. Other times, for no obvious reason, it just sounds OK. I don’t always take too much notice of this, as I look to my main system for best sound quality, but perhaps there is something fishy going on. I hope not, but lets see if anyone else has found this?

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I hope not to. My dealer said it was to be expected. He even said the Totem speakers can take a year to be at their best!

will be interesting to see what the new firmware does to SQ

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This really doesn’t sound like burn-in to me. Besides, my Atom is now 18 months old.

I often wonder if the SQ variability i hear is just me…the variability of my mood from early morning to evening and day to day. Particularly after a product is many months old. I have no doubt that it sounds better or worse, at the time, but the reason?

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I sometimes also wonder about this, sometimes my guitar sounds great other times not so good, is it the hifi/guitar or is it me ?

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I noticed quite a lot of variability with my 252/300 both DR. I’m in new pastures now.

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SQ variability seems to be either cause for excitement or cause for concern.

I have a new 252/250DR and had a Nova before that (Nova sounded fine, and always did, and didn’t really change enough for me to notice). So…with new 252/250 …Two days ago I put on Marvin Gaye’s One Step of WGO…I was concerned about the Bass…just sounded too boomy and muddy, mainly because I wasn’t used to so much Bass detail. A day later I threw a triangular cushion in the corner by one of my speakers…put on Tommy and no more muddy bass (silly mistake not to put on the exact same album) but the bass sounded fine. not overwhelming or muddy at all. Put on Black Cow which is a reference track of mine…again, no issues.

When I get home today, I’ll put on the WGO album again and see if it seems like too much bass (Oddly, or not oddly, Bass on Nefertiti sounded fantastic, because of the acoustic bass).

SQ can be many things, room acoustics, power at that time of day?..but burn in…and changes in equipment…for me the Jury is still out. That would make me much more paranoid. Is the equipment gonna sound WORSE next week…

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Likely nothing to do with the Unitis, or even Naim, all equipment (even well broken in) can/will experience swings in performance. Your mood, your health, the time of day, the weather, & likely most importantly the quality of the mains power will all have an impact on system performance. For eg, typically Fri evenings from ~6-10pm I won’t be hearing the best from my systems, wait a few more hours & things typically improve.


Hammer Head Nail :grinning:

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Perhaps, but this variation seems quite marked to me on my Atom, more so than on my other system, and I don’t think it’s at any particular time of day.

after the vin rouge kicks in! Seriously though, I too found the Atom more prone to variances over the Nova but I’m inclined to agree it’s more down to external influences including the listener! Interesting though as quite a few owners report it

Hi, Mike. I wanted to ask. Does the sound quality of your Nova remained good as you reported a month ago? Have you noticed any new SQ fluctuations during this month?