Nova can not play Tidal track from ios naim app

Hi all,

Encounter a problem when using iOS naim app to play tidal streaming. I can login into tidal and see all album cover and artist but can not play any track on it. UPnP also works fine. Try to restart wifi router and uniti nova, even reinstall naim app still not work. Does iOS version matter? I’m using iOS 10. Nova’s firmware is latest.

Thanks for kindly replying.

Right now my iOS on my phone is 13.3 and 12.4.1 on my iPad. Perhaps update your device to latest level and give it a try.

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What streamer are you using? Does it have the latest firmware version?

After upgrading iOS to 12.4.5, reinstall naim app, still not working. :frowning_face:
But can use Tidal app through Airplay as another way.

Has tried other mobile phones, one Android two iOS. The Android version is 7 and Naim App is latest 2.15.2. The iOS is 13.3.1, the other is 12.4.5, both with latest Naim App 5.15.2. And my Uniti Nova is latest 3.4. None of them work properly. Does Naim no more support Tidal?? What’s going on? Could anyone play track through Naim App without problem?

If Tidal wasn’t working via the Naim app for a large number of people, you can be sure that the forum would be plagued with comments about it. I can’t see any obvious reason why it shouldn’t work for you too. The first thing I would do is log out of Tidal in the Naim app, then log back in (ensuring that your user name and password are identical to those used in the Tidal app.)
Also check that you don’t have Tidal running on more devices that your account permits, although I doubt that this is your problem.

Failing that, give Naim support a call.

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I had the exact same problem with my Muo QB. Turned out the wifi signal was marginal - strange as everthing except Tidal playing worked. Try a direct connection or moving the product closer to the router.

Maybe it is my problem. But I can’t imagine that the three mobile phones I tested all failing. From Naim App input option, I logout Tidal and disable Tidal input then reopen it and re-login. But unfortunately still not work. Even downgrade sound quality to standard or normal. And tried physical connecting not through Wi-Fi, nothing changed. Most operations in Tidal of Naim App work normally and can see album information except playing track. :frowning:

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