Nova / Core ..Core rendering music when on “standby”

Can anyone answer this ?..when using the Nova and having selected the Core as server the Core remains in “ standby mode” but serves music faultlessly to the Nova.
Wondering why it’s implemented this way ?
Does the Core in fact only need to be “ On “ for say ripping ?
Surprised that the Core does not wake when selected as server in the app.
Be interested for explanations / views.

So no one else noticed this ? :smiley:

Any UPnP server has to remain discoverable over the network when idle. So it’s never fully asleep, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to access it via your streamer. If you put it in Deep Sleep mode, it will no longer be discoverable, and needs to be turned on by pressing the power button before it will function.

Just wondered why the Core does not fully wake when accessed…it’s not a problem…just interested.

I guess it’s as awake as it needs to be to play music. More awake probably means more electrical noise, which might affect sound quality, as well as wasting electricity.

It’s exactly as Chris says. And don’t forget the Core can serve different music to multiple streamers at the same time. So you might prefer it not to be lit up and obviously awake in the room where you are because someone in another room is listening on their hifi.

If you want it stay fully awake you can tell it to be so. Otherwise in “network sleep” it is discoverable on the network and can serve music. Whereas in “deep sleep” it’s effectively in standby and needs to be woken by a finger pressing the front panel button.



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