Nova + DAB/FM module

I would like to add the DAB/FM module to my Nova. Consulting with the importer, he adds an exorbitant surcharge, almost to convince me not to buy it. Is there a possibility of purchasing the module directly from Naim? or buy it somehow independently? so that they send it to me to Argentina?
From what I have read in the forum, those who have it asked for it with the purchase and there is little information

Naim will not sell direct, you need to go through your dealer.

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Sell your Nova - and buy one which has the DAB/FM Module already…???

I doubt that option would be cheaper …

If you can live without DAB, which doesn’t sound great anyway, why not get a Naim FM tuner? It will sound much better than the FM module, though it needs a good aerial.

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I bought a 2nd hand tuner on flea bay for not a lot of money for my Star and I had a decent interconnect fro when I downsized

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Thanks for the idea, but I don’t want to add modules. I wanted something integrated or very small

I don’t really know what a hand turner is. Searching on ebay shows guitar tuners (?). Is it a small module?

He wrote “second hand” … which means: acquired after being used by another :wink:

Secondhand means used, pre-owned. Are you sure you can receive DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) in Argentina? DAB in the United Kingdom does not have the audio quality of a good FM tuner and aerial. But if you want an Naim FM tuner these are only available used. I suppose you could use the module simply for FM? Personally I wouldn’t.

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