Nova Firmware Update to 3.5.0 - Error Code 320

No Music. Not sure whether to power off & reboot or leave indefinitely until it sorts itself out? :thinking:

Screen blank now…not happy bunny :frowning:

…tonights party will be miserable affair if cant fix…oh well, have to get ouija board out again…

Turn it off and leave a good few minutes and turn back on…hopefully the reboot will clear-it.

…panic over…Beatles are back…better than ever…rebooted system and sorted itself to latest Firmware…

…ouija back in cupboard :slight_smile:

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…have to say the streamer in the Nova is awesome…sounds better than ever…

…the P10 sounds better also. Dont know what magic Naim conjour up in these Firmware releases, but ill have some more please :slight_smile:


Glad it worked out and you are happy, the Nova is a great piece of kit, if it does it again drop Naim an email👍

Glad you got it sorted.

For anybody who experiences similar following the Fw update, support’s official advice is as follows:

Close the Naim app (don’t just minimise it).
Power off (unplug) the unit and leave for a good 10 minutes or so.
In this time, it may also be worth rebooting the router, just to give everything a chance to refresh.
When the router is back up and running, switch the Naim unit back on and allow to fully boot up.
Then open up the Naim app, connect to the appropriate ‘Room’.

If you are using any streaming services then log out first and log back in last.

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I run IT support via Teams in work and the general rule of thumb is that we ask people to not post until the 6th reboot has failed.


In the good old days, and many in the unix world today would still brag about how many hundreds of days their machine has been up without a reboot. That is a good thing! It means the software is resilient, possibly self heal, no memory leaks, interface is well defined and software well tested and built defensively.

But things have gotten so complicated and demand for evolution (new features and integration with partners that are evolving quickly) so quick these days. Permission to fail often and fail fast is the modern and acceptable development approach. Likewise, reboot has become an acceptable mean to resolve immediate issue. I still do not consider it as a root cause remedy.

Thank God life does not depend on it.


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