Nova firmware

Hi, i have seen that the nova’s firmware on mine is 2.6 when i check for updates it says my firmware is up to date, but i have seen firmware 3.4 for the nova ?

This came up recently, you could try a factory reset followed by unplugging and powering up again. If that fails talk to your dealer or contact Naim directly.

Hi, thanks for the reply, do you know where i can find the topic please

Hi, just looked myself and cannot find it…it was only a week or two ago, perhaps one of the other forum guys will remember the thread.

ok thank you, tried what you said, but no change, i have emailed Naim support

Let us know how you get on.

will do

Hi Gazza
Naim support got in touch with me by phone, said a few Nova’s had a firmware issue, the guy walked me through as to how he could take control of the nova and did whatever at his end to fix the problem, was very good and stayed on the phone while the new firmware was downloaded, my Nova now as the latest firmware, great customer support


the guy walked me through as to how he could take control of the nova and did whatever at his end to fix the problem

Yippee, Naim support can remote access and take control if required. Thats good to know! I did email Naim support when my speakers started popping and then discovered there is firmware v3.5 that specifically addresses this problem. I should have known better and checked firmware updates and forum before doing anything else.

Anyway, I still haven’t heard back from Naim support. Thank God though the v3.5 firmware update went on successfully without a hitch. And, I am very thankful of this community that is very active and made up of very helpful people. Problem shared is problem halved, right? :slight_smile:

Thats great to here they sorted it out👍

Yes, and I thought it would be an hassle, wanting to take control of my computer, which I once had to do, had to do several things on my computer, which I’m not very good at, in an email he sent prior to sorting my Nova out, he asked me to send him photos of the settings in the Nova, when he phoned , it was just a case of unplugging the nova, plug it back in and at the same time press and hold the top and third button down on the Nova, at least that’s what I remember, then he had control

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Thanks Gazza

Received email Naim support overnight promising that speaker pop won’t damage speakers. :+1:

“The pop is perfectly normal and will not damage the speakers. It’s just the residual signal from the amp firing up.”

Hope this addresses any concern one might have. For me, firmware v3.5 fixed the issue and my speakers don’t pop (loudly) anymore.

All the speakers and amps I have owned have all made a slight thud/noise when amplifier turned on, probably not as loud as yours was doing, glad the new firmware as sorted/lessened the noise for you

I used to work behind a sound desk and have seen 48v phantom power mistakenly going to speakers, people forgetting to mute before a muso pulls out his instrument from the multicore, and several tweeter blowing up…

Perhaps I need to seek therapy for my PTSD. :pleading_face:

Lol, worst I’ve had, sister playing Spotify through my Nova and turning her volume to full on her phone, luckily it didn’t blow my speakers

May be this is why the Naim app provides maximum volume setting option. :rofl:

Cog (Settings) > Audio settings > Maximum volume

Be nice if that feature was for Bluetooth, Spotify etc, when using a mobile, I have lowered the max volume, but then you have to turn amp up further to get decent volume

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