Nova headphone output limits

Just wondering what people thought of the headphone output on the Nova.
I’m currently using the Meze 99 Classics with Brainwavz lambskin pads and it appears, to my ears, to give a respectable sound.
Now bearing in mind I’m determined to keep to the one box setup, I thought I’d canvas opinion on how far up the headphone ladder one could reasonably go using the built in Nova headphone jack.
The only other conditions are they must be wired, over ears and closed back.

Personally… I’d say you have reached the limit with the Mezes… anything higher and you should look at an alternative set up. Just my view.

It’s good, but ultimately I needed a separate headphone amp to get the most out of my HD800’s and it was the same with my SN2.

I use my atom for my LCD4’s sounds VERY good. I was comparing it to my RME ADI 2 FS. Atom just has more of a musical meaty tone etc… I really enjoy it.

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