NOVA made in 2021 VS 2019

Is there a difference between a NOVA from 2019 (Serial 461XXX) VS 2021 (Serial 500XXX).
Because I saw that there are different weights written on the boxes.
2019: 14,5kg
2021: 15,3kg

are there different Components?
Do they differ also in other parts? Display for example?

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Covid related weight gain? Many of us are suffering from the same thing…

More seriously - I’m not aware of any component changes, but someone more knowledgeable will confirm.

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I’m not aware of any changes apart from firmware/software. Perhaps a question for Naim?

A manual!?




Maybe you can answer this question?

double vs single box ?

Think there was a packaging change at some stage, but I’d need to check. There is certainly no change in product spec.

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The box (except printing) is exactly the same. Same for everything what’s inside.

Maybe it was net vs gross. So 14.5 kg of Nova and 0.8 kg of cardboard.

Heavyweight software changes maybe. That Qobuz was complicated to include…


well…I guess mine wasn’t sitting on a shelf! It’s 489XXX. So that’s 2021 apparently.

If there were any internal hardware changes to improve reliability I doubt they would say so as it would devalue those on the used market. I always try to factor this in and get as newer item as I can afford just in case. I doubt there will be any performance benefit but you never know, they may have changed something to improve reliability/ stability.

One thing that made me wonder about this was the countless reports of reboots experienced by early uniti users. I purchased my atom in late 2019 and did not experience one reboot for the entire time I owned it. Most likely firmware/ network related but we can’t know for sure.

We can know, because I have stated it - there was no change. No need to start baseless conspiracy theories.


Having been a member of the Beta group for longer than I care to remember, I can confidently say that the rebooting was dealt with through a lot of work on the firmware in order to overcome the things that were triggering the reboots. At no point were there any hardware changes or upgrades.

According to the specs the weight of the Nova is 13kg. The rest of the weight must therefore be the box and packaging. Maybe the packaging changed or maybe it didn’t. Maybe the weight written on the box was initially wrong and was subsequently corrected. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, as the Nova within is the same as it always was.


Please don’t let that comment offend you. It just seems to me that it would be a smart thing to do to fix issues that appear in warranty claims repeatedly. Let’s say one particular component fails more often, wouldn’t it be smart to change that component if you know you will be selling nova’s for 10 years. Give or take.


I think it’s better to keep the two things separate. As you say, it would only be smart to fix recurring issues instead of continuing to build units that you know might fail due to a penny part - that wouldn’t help anyone.

However, as HH said it’s easy to see that the reboots were fixed by software bug fixes, because the posts about reboots have essentially stopped, and not everyone had to send their unit to Naim to exchange some part. For beta users it was probably even more obvious that the reboots gradually disappeared with each beta update.


Sure, I’m not saying the two are linked. Just giving my reasoning for liking to buy newer editions of products. I’ll leave it there as it has clearly annoyed some people and I never meant to do that. :relaxed:

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I reckon I know of one change. The glue used for the Naim logo…


Go on, get stuck in!