Nova need unplugged

I have a Nova since 3 or 4 years. I like the sound, that is not my problems.

Maybe once a month or two the screen freeze, I can use the Nova only with the iPad app. I have to unplugged it to see and use the screen.

This morning no sounds at all. The screen work but no sound either with the turn table, tidal or radio. Unplugged it and work fine.

Anybody have the same issue. It did not seem normal to reboot like a computer. It is a know problem by Naim.

I assume you are running the latest firmware? Certainly double check that.
I had a few units in the early days that suffered with the same issue but thought that was all ironed out now.

Definitely make sure you have the current Fw onboard.

Otherwise, do you periodically have any mains issues, brown-outs or electrical storms?

Either way, it’s probably worth giving these things a hard re-boot every once in a while, just like any computer.

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