Nova no sound from Samsung tv by blutooth

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Ive just purchased the Nova which I am very happy with. I do have one problem though if someone can help. I have a Samsung TV QE55Q85 which is only a year and a half old. I want to pair it with the Nova to play the tv sound through my speakers. It pairs ok via Bluetooth but no sound comes through. I have paired the tv with my Muso without any problems so really not sure what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To narrow it down, does it work when you connect from the phone with bluetooth to the Nova?

ARC HDMI is the way to go surely.

Correct,Exif I’m wrong but you can’t play it that way . Play from the Nova to the Tv perhaps .
I’m sure others more knowledgeable will know

iPad works no problem through Bluetooth.

The Nova should take a signal from the TV via HDMI as long as you use an HDMI ARC port and set the TV to output PCM stereo. However, TV manufacturers are notoriously lax about sticking to the HDMI standard, so it doesn’t always work as well as it should. In this case an optical cable is the best option.

I would love to but I can’t get the HDMI cable from the nova to the TV. I’m in a really old cottage so cant get the cable across the room without major work.

I thought as I could Bluetooth from the Samsung to the Muso it would be the same but yes you could be right that the nova does it the other way. Sorry quite new to this kind of equipment.

I don’t really know, but if the iPad can bluetooth to the Nova and the TV can bluetooth to the Muso, then I don’t see why TV to Nova should not work.

The Nova has a BT receiver as far as I know, not a BT sender. So receiving BT is what it should do I guess

Could this be the problem for Bluetooth as well? Distance to great?

What’s the distance between the TV and the Nova?

Maybe move the muso to where the Nova is and try.

Sorry I was wrong about the iPad. It connects and shows the track I’m playing but no sound

Just completed a factory reset and it’s solved the problem. All Bluetooth devises now work. Thanks all for your replies.


Thanks for updating

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