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A request for a piece of advice please? I connected my TV to my Nova wih a 5mtr optical cable, switched the TV output to PCM and hey presto! Sound! Very disappointed though, the sound output was very low in volume and quite ‘flat’ the Nova input is one I normally use for my CD player connection so I know it’s perfect, any one got any thoughts please? I did turn the gain/trim up fully on that connection but not much volume change and no change to the sound quality. A bit disappointing really.

I suspect the fix as you describe is in the TV settings, it was with mine
What brand & model TV?

Hi Mike-B, it’s a 7 year old Panasonic Led unit, Txl47dt65b, I think the TX bit is correct, it was 2nd highest in their range at the time, so it’s a good spec. What do you think?

Hi Nick, sorry but I was just saying I had a similar low volume & found the fix was in my Sony Bravia settings, not at the Naim end.
I don’t know Panasonic, but hope we have an expert on the forum who can help.

If other Sony users are curious, I reset my Bravia to Sound>headphone/audio output to ‘fixed’.

OK young man, thanks for your efforts.

There was once an FAQ article on “volume”; since I don’t find it here in the FAQ section, it might have been on the old forum:
Since the TV has to potentially down-mix multiple channels into stereo, they reduce volume on each channel to avoid clipping when merging them (=the sum going over the maximum in digital representation). That’s what I remember.

I also increased the trim on my 2011 LG and still have to fire up volume higher than with other inputs (though not absurdly, may 5-10 on standard Nova setup). (Local files, Qobuz and internet radio - where at least the last also differs quite a bit between sources.)
I love the detail and (stereo) sound-field from my Nova on movies.

However, it should not be thin or bad… no clue on that one.
(Might be worth sorting through the options in the TV, if they do any adjustments before sending out the signal.)

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Thanks for your input, yes I’ll investigate further!

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