Nova or not?

The Ercol is deffo nicer tho.!

Good catch @Hifi-dog I hadn’t realised that the Nova footprint is different to my existing separates. The lamp footprint is 120mm x 240mm so could fit on top with a Nova. To think that my wife already asked if they were the same size and I mistakenly reassured her that they were :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Guess you will rotate it by 90?

It’s very good. I switched from my Nova last month to a Nait 50, with the limited amount of streaming I do, it meant that a lot of its features were superfluous.

I could add my experiences are almost identical to pev999 in that I went from a five box to a Rega to a Nova.

Mine had a Powerline and Witch Hat Phantoms , I considered it a very good purchase

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To me that lamp would look wrong if you squeezed it onto the same shelf as a Nova. I would put the Nova on the next shelf down. After all, a rack full of empty shelves would look a bit odd.

Bear in mind that the Nova is taller than your Classic boxes. I don’t think that will be a performance problem as you have plenty of space around the rack (unless you had a huge tidy up for the photo!) but it might look a bit squashed in unless you use an extension on the shelf.

The Nova is the same width but a bit deeper. As Chris said above, the lamp and the Nova squeezed on top won’t look good. If you put the Nova lower down you could use the spacer that you have on the base level. Alternatively why not look at a nice coffee table that could house the Nova and lamp side by side in a comfortable way? That’s what I’d have done if I had more space, as the Nova does look good sitting on top. With just a Nova you really don’t need a hifi rack at all. One of these would work well in that space.


I didn’t think a Nova bettered my SuperUniti amp section when I had the chance to “upgrade”.
Of course streaming facilities are improved as they would be VS your Uniti.
I use a rack and that leave only one shelf suitable for Nova, in my case that shelf is destined for a turntable.

Streaming doesn’t interest me much, I mainly use my SU for radio and other sources upstairs.
The CD inside a Uniti is based on entrylevel CD5i, not the finest player in the world meaning you can do a lot better getting a separate player too.

Interesting what a new classic Nova will look like ?
Do they move volume dial wheel to front again ?

The Nova is already relatively new - it’s New Uniti range, alongside New Classic.

Its six years since Nova release, I didn’t know Naim called it New Uniti range.

SuperUniti range lived six years only,

I’m excited if Naim let Nova live more than three years ahead.

One could imagine once Naim have released all new classic amplifiers with most recent technology (Nait 50/Nap 250.3) the Uniti’s might be refreshed by then.

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Is it a bathroom table for towels?

I’ve been using the Nova for two months and really love it. I’m using Qobuz for streaming and output is through Dali Epicon 2 speakers, I believe this is a match made in heaven. Yes separates would give marginal sound upgrade but I don’t want to go back to a hifi type stack, any Unity is just so functional, so I’m sticking!


The IsoBlue rack is always like that except that sometimes the Tado wireless room thermostat sits in it’s holder alongside the cool LED lamp. If I do switch to a Nova then I’ll either (a) dispose of the IsoBlue or (b) get an extender for the Nova shelf and maybe remove one shelf at the same time.

It’s all decisions and more decisions. Thanks for your inputs.

I would suggest that elegant and effective stand for the Nova. Originally named as “ Naim Qb2 stand “.

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